What are the benefits of AI In surveillance

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the fields that is progressing quite rapidly. It has applications in almost every field. With sectors ranging from hospitality to finance to security, AI covers almost everything and anything. One of the interesting applications of Artificial Intelligence is in surveillance and security. AI-powered cameras allow the Artificial Model to be implemented in video surveillance. The feed generated by the cameras is routed to the server room, where it is analyzed for various purposes. AI can analyze the videos for various purposes, which only make human life easier while decreasing the cost of operations.

Artificial Intelligence Surveillance has many benefits, some of which are listed below-

  1. Facial recognition- The Artificial Intelligence model can quickly recognize the faces of people from the stream that it gets. It is now used in various places, which only helps local law enforcement. Facial recognition software is also widely used in casinos and airports, where unwanted people are often filtered out by the help of the camera. The Artificial Intelligence model can be programmed to detect certain people from the crowd, as the photos of those people are submitted to the model. The AI then scans the live feed, looking for a match for different people from its database.
  2. Heat Mapping- AI-powered cameras can also analyze heat signatures generated by people in the area. This data can further be used by the company for their betterment, for example, analyzing whether the person feels hot or cold in the area, which might affect this decision of buying a product.

             III.            Population Count- These Artificial Intelligence cameras are now widely used in various public places, including stadiums, protests and elections. The AI models detect the total people in the area, keeping count of people that pass through that area. These cameras are often installed at entry gates, which makes the job easier for the AI. The data generated by this model is extremely accurate, which often depicts the success of these cameras.

  1. Motion detection- AI-powered cameras can also be used as a substitute for motion detecting sensors. The camera can easily detect moving objects in its field of vision. It can be installed in various places that required high security. Even residential places require surveillance like these, which only protects the house owners. Motion Detection AI-powered cameras help detect intrusion in the property while keeping trespassers at bay.

The benefits of AI-powered cameras are endless. It not only makes surveillance easy but also adds extra layers of security into the company’s current infrastructure. The trend of using Artificial Intelligence in security has increased rapidly in India over the past few years. However, there are very Video Analytics companies in India that provide the best services. One of them is Wobot, which provides top of the class AI models. They excel in digital surveillance, having already served many customers since their inception. Their camera surveillance models are effective, cost-efficient and have a long life.


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