What Damage can Carpenter Ants Cause in your Home


Carpenter ants are large-sized ants that none of us would like to see in or around. These ants make a secret entry to our house in search of just one thing – wood. Otherwise called wood-destroying ants, they can cause great damage to your wooden belongings. Hearing about them for the first time? Read on to know more about carpenter and immediately reach for pest control in Central Coast, NSW, if you have already noticed them doing the destruction.

Carpenter ants and Termites – Damage level

True, both are ants but of different types, again, both feed on wood, but there’s a difference in their actions. Carpenter ants look for wet or damaged wood and when they find, in no time these ants start building colonies, affecting the efficiency of wood. How’s the damage different from hat of termites? – Carpenter ants don’t really eat wood, which termites do.

How the damage appears to be

Talking about the level of damage both the ants cause, the one done by carpenter ants is not as intrigue than that of termite damage. However, it is equally concerning for you, right? If at all you hear any disturbing sound from within your walls, call for pest control in Central Coast, NSW. Factually, the damage is only apparent once it extends through the wood.

Although the infestation signs don’t always act as sure-shot indicators, it is a signal to contact pest inspectors. Common signs of the existence of carpenter ants in your home are piles of wood shavings under wood items, sounds of movement from within the walls.

How carpenter ants are attracted?

Carpenter ants are fond of wood, especially wet or damaged. If there’s wet wood or damaged wood in your property, unknowingly you are inviting carpenter ants to your place. The damaged wood turns the house into a place of leaky spots and woodpile, which is an ideal target for carpenter ant colonies. Moreover, these ants are attracted to dead trees in the property. To lower the risk of existence of carpenter ants into your house premises, remove dead trees, repair any damaged wood and limit firewood in your property.

How Flatline Pest Control can help?

The reputable pest control company is known for its effective services of pest control all across Central Coast, NSW. When you discuss about the problems of crawling carpenter ants in your house, the team would reach on-site for pest control and inspection. Pest prevention is the core solution for reducing pest infestation. When you prevent their entry into the house boundary, you ultimately cut down the chances of infestation and damage.

If you feel any signs that indicate existence of carpenter ants, visit www.flatlinepestcontrol.com.au and call an expert team for pest inspection.