What do you mean by liver cancer treatment

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Liver is the main organ in the human body. A liver will function almost all the main function in a body. A person can live without a liver for a maximum of two days with the help of machines or equipments. Liver is the only organ which will performs over 500 function inside the body. Not only the function it will also produce 1000 enzymes and other protein which is needed for human health. Liver is the biggest organ in the human body. Liver cancer is most common now a days. Liver cancer is caused in many ways.It will damage the whole liver and stops its functions.

How much is the cost of liver surgery in India?

The minimum liver cancer treatment cost in India will be around USD 38000. Liver cancer can only be found out by doing testing. Liver cancer at the first two stages has the chance of cure more and in the third stage we can give a fifty-percentage assurance.

How can a liver cancer be affected and the treatments?

Cancer can be affected in any part of the human body. Liver cancer will be affected only in liver. Cancer cells will spread to many parts of the body if we don’t find it out and do proper treatment. Liver cancer is one of the most difficult one to cure. If the cancer is just affected a part the liver then it is very easy to be carried and if the cancer has affected the whole liver then it is very difficult to cure. After the liver treatment the person can survive for almost 5 years and sometimes more than that. The first sign of liver cancer will be shown by our body by

  • Yellowing the skin
  • Abdomen in the right side will pain
  • Shoulder blade will pain
  • Lump in the right upper abdomen will pain
  • Fever
  • Itching
  • Back pain
  • Vomiting

By seeing the above-mentioned sign is the only way to check whether we are having cancer or not. For liver cancer we don’t have a screening test.

Liver transplantation is the only method to cure liver cancer. Liver can be transplanted from a donor or dead person. Liver is the only organ in the human body which will come back to its original function with in the weeks after the transplantation surgery. The liver which is transplanted from a donor will be placed and within weeks it will come and work to its function.Liver transplantation will be only done at the end stage of the liver functioning and fully liver failure cases.

Liver transplantation will be having many complications and it can be cured easily also. There are four stages in liver cancer they are, in first stage the tumor which is present in liver will be not spread in any other part. In this stage the treatment is very easy and chances of getting worse is more. In second stage the tumor will reach the blood vessels, in this stage the chances are also more. In third stage. The Tumor will be reaching the main blood vessels in which the cancer will reach the gallbladder and it is somewhat difficult to cure. In this stage we can do the liver transplantation surgery. In the fourth stage or the last stage the cancer has been spread to other parts of the body.

For people who have liver cancer and we have found it out can undergo a surgery which will remove the tumor completely.

The reasons for liver cancer are

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Family history
  • Heavyweight alcohol using
  • Long term exposure to aflatoxins
  • Low immunity
  • Obesity
  • Gender
  • Smoking
  • Arsenic

Liver is one of the important and most functioning organs in the human body. Without liver it is very difficult to survive. There are many advanced treatments for liver cancer in various parts of our country.


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