What Goes Into Adopting a Child in New Jersey?

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Have you thought about adopting a child over the past several months? Giving a child the opportunity to live an amazing life in which he or she will receive love, care, and attention is such a wonderful thing to do. If you can afford the cost of raising a child and are fully prepared to give a child a new, loving home in a safe and comfortable environment, then you need to know exactly what goes into adopting a child in New Jersey. Giro Law wants to help you understand what the process is like before you get the ball rolling.

Make Sure You Meet Specific State Requirements

In the state of New Jersey, there are some specific requirements for adoptive parents. The good news about adopting in the state of New Jersey is that you do not have to be married to go through this process. Both couples and single people can adopt a child when they have the means to do so. The other requirements include:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to begin the adoption process
  • Must be 10 years older than the child who is getting adopted
  • Must provide proof of a steady income and stable living situation
  • Must be in good health both physically and mentally

When you are physically and mentally healthy, at least 18 years old, and living in a stable environment while making a decent income, you meet the state requirements to move forward with the adoption process.

Put a Request in with the Department of Children and Families

If you want to adopt, you may put in a request with the Department of Children and families to receive more information on the adoption process and to have an adoption home study completed. Someone from the office will visit your home to perform the study. The study may include a series of questions that you need to answer, along with a careful and thorough inspection of your home. The goal is simply to make sure that the home is safe for a child.


During the home study, the investigator will ask for any references that you might have. These references can include relatives, close friends, neighbors, and even church members who are aware of your situation and can gladly speak on your behalf about the positive influence you would have on a child that you adopt.

Meet with a Private Adoption Agency

Upon passing the home study and meeting all the requirements, you may have the opportunity to move forward with the adoption process. The Department of Children and Families in New Jersey could have a child in need of adoption. If not, you can meet with a private adoption agency to begin the search for a child to adopt. You will need to complete paperwork during this process that should be reviewed by your attorney beforehand.

Want to Adopt a Child? Have an Attorney Walk You Through the Process

Adopting a child is a loving and selfless thing to do. You are giving a child a home that he or she does not currently have. Before you begin this process, you need to understand what goes into adopting a child in New Jersey. At Giro Law, we want to help you avoid making costly mistakes that could cause the process to take much longer than it needs to. Call us for a consultation at 201-690-1642.

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