What not to do During Tree Removal

After an arborist has declared that your trees need to be removed, there are some don’ts that you should avoid. Tree removal is a risky affair and can only be done with the professionals who have the right equipment for the job. Common mistakes that many have done are the things to avoid. These don’ts include:

Do It Yourself

Many posts you come across will tell you how cutting down a tree is easy and can be done without experts. Unfortunately, this is not the case because tree removal is not for the do-it-yourselfers. It is only for professionals who have experience and right tools to get it done. Tools such as the chainsaw have caused many accidents to first timers who tried to brave it alone. One common mistake people do when using the chainsaw, is forgetting to engage the chain brake thus end up getting horrible cuts.

Working without the correct gear

Like any other hand job, removing a tree requires the right protective gear such as helmets, gloves, goggles, face shields and steel toe boots. These protective gears keep the personnel safe from any eventualities that may occur during the process. Do not attempt to conduct removal without protecting yourself however experienced you are. Accidents caused during this exercise are fatal and healing will take time.

Leaving stumps

Tree removal process should not leave stumps in place but should be removed completely. Trees infested with pests and diseases when removed, nothing should be left behind because they still have potential to spread disease. Healthy trees should be safeguarded thus ensure your service provider does a clean job. Additionally, pests such as termites may find their way to your house and damage furniture along with other essentials if stump is not removed.

Removal of wrong trees

Before getting a tree removed, seek advice from a professional to give you a go ahead or not. Why? This is because when some trees are removed, they could leave a negative impact on your landscape. Trees near foundation for instance, when removed could cause some weakness to the house and could cause further complications. Removal should therefore be done after a rigorous assessment.

Failure to plan an escape

If you are the one doing the removal or getting it done, always ensure there is an escape plan provided. An escape is usually planned in case the tree falls in the wrong direction. Service providers should inform you of what they are planning in case the tree fails to fall as expected. This knowledge will keep you on toes for any outcome.

Lack of awareness

Awareness involves the items present in the environment. Tree removers should always check their surroundings before starting the exercise. Failure to do so could result in tripping of the personnel or property destruction. Remove rocks, roots or toys that may be in the way before tree removal. Also move your car to avoid damage.

Avoiding these don’ts will always ensure personal and property safety.