Where To Begin? Video Graph Way

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Each of us has to start somewhere. Our Wedblog.biz team is no exception. Throughout our work, we have identified several key personal priorities that can help develop our unique professional videographer skills! So, let’s begin:

Manifest The Initiative!

No one can motivate you to effective action, but yourself! Take the initiative in your own hands! Think one step ahead! When you arrive at a place, evaluate the set: what is the lighting of your chosen location, do you have an additional light source and which of the video equipment will be most suitable for the upcoming shooting in this place. Be proactive and try to quickly assess the situation. Make decisions and always take the initiative in your own hands!

Be Careful!

Think slowly, act fast! The main mistake of many novice videographers in creating excess potential and excess clutter that they create, being afraid not to capture the main and important points. Such a model of behavior makes the filming process worse, attention is scattered, and energy is wasted. As a result, nothing worthwhile comes out of this. Take time to soberly think about what is happening around and at the right moment just press REC! The less distracted you are, the better it will turn out to shoot a particular scene.

Be A Storyteller!

Do not be just a videographer, be a storyteller! This means that you must have an excellent command of your craft and know very well the equipment you have to work with! Feel yourself with him and use it in the best way in your video narration. It will be great if you already have a sequence of actions in your head, a logical beginning, and a logical end!

Be Animal!

Be interested in the little things and always ask, ask, ask! If something is not clear to you, or suddenly it seems to you that something does not make sense, ask for clarification. After all, it is known that ignorance is not an excuse at all.

Be Effective!

Work hard, but wisely! Do not waste your time on what you already do well, focus on your “weak” professional skills. This means that you just need to practice more! If you have problems with building the right light, then go out and shoot in different conditions. With practice, with this type of shooting, you will develop the skill in any kind of light. If something doesn’t work out for you now, do your best to change this situation for the better. Do not wait for the next week or month, act today, so you will not repeat your mistakes!

Be Ruthless!

Get rid of your ego and be ruthless to everything you do. Before you start shooting, make sure that you are satisfied with the lighting, color, Variancetv, composition, etc. – if you do not like something, correct it! Do not shoot just to shoot. Be aware of what is happening and correct if necessary. No indulgence to excess! If at the stage of shooting or editing you don’t like something or seem mediocre, not corresponding to the logical narration – get rid of it! Do not reassure yourself that you are a beginner and that everything is not going as planned. We guarantee that with such a ruthless approach to shooting, your productivity and quality will increase significantly! Do not be content with the good, be content with the best!

Report What You Do!

Focus on the job! Be present at the moment: here and now! Think about whether you do what you should do at the moment?! Should you take off your bride’s shoes now or how her little kitten frolics?! Feel the mood, keep your ears and eyes sharp, because it is then that you can shoot a lot more great shots, just being in the know about what is happening around!

Rest Assured!

This is probably the most important priority that you should stick to first! This does not mean that you should be stubborn or arrogant. This means that you must make conscious decisions during the shooting, to be firm and assertive.

Believe me, gaining confidence is a difficult process, but it is worth educating yourself! Everything changes the moment you radiate confidence in what you are doing! With confidence – you will be stronger and your team will be fed by this energy from you, and your talent will manifest itself with renewed vigor! Believe in yourself, then wonderful events will begin to happen in your life!

All of the listed priorities come with experience and from a sense of inner voice. Feel what your talent and your heart are telling you, believe in yourself and do not stop developing! Good luck, friends!

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