Why Spend Romantic Time At Best Honeymoon Destinations In India?

Why Spend Romantic Time At Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

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Are you a newly-wed couple and look for the best destinations for your honeymoon? Then you are in the right place. Just go through here and you able to find the most suitable destination for your honeymoon. In India, there is an enormous number of places are available which is perfect for the couples to spend their romantic times out there as a honeymoon. Below you can find the best honeymoon destinations in India to spend your romantic time with your couple in an extraordinary manner. People who have traveled the world would vouch for the way that India can likewise be a one-stop destination for encountering unparalleled marvels. Here of the best honeymoon places in India that you have to look at.

  • Shillong

This destination is Meghalaya’s capital city. Above the sea level, it has been sitting at the top of the elevation level of around 1500 meters. This one has the name of Scotland of the east. It is mainly because of its scenic beauty and hilly location. The climate in this place will also be very breezy. As the town is surrounded by lakes, rolling hills, waterfalls, it will be perfect for the couple to spend their honeymoon in a romantic manner.


  • Jodhpur

Jodhpur has been considered as the second metropolitan city in the place of Rajasthan. It has been acting as the Rajput kingdom of Marwar’s capital. There are several specialties have been found in this town like, palaces, temples, lakes, majestic forts and some other tourist spots which are most suitable for the Indian peoples in an extraordinary manner. The best honeymoon destinations in India guarantee to charm you the most without begging to be spent. Best honeymoon places in India spell sentiment like no other destination. If you want a honeymoon destination with cuisine and rich culture, then sure you can go with Jodhpur, the perfect honeymoon destinations in India.


  • Wayanad

Wayanad is one of the best locations for the couple, who got love marriage. Since it is a love marriage, they will express more love. So, for those kinds of peoples, Wayanad will be the best option. It is the best spot to express romantic love. It has been location above sea level at an altitude of 900 meters, amidst the Western Ghats. This place consists of rivers, tea and coffee plantations, reserve forests and several lakes. The surrounding nature will provide great views for the couples to spend their romantic time. Summer royal residences, hotels are altogether notices of the British time and astonishing places to stroll around and simply take in the vibe of the slope station.

  • Chamba

On the ancient river Ravi banks, this destination has been situated that is a stream of the Indus River. It’s a perfect place for Honeymooners where the recently wedded can walk, or simply sit in their room and watch the mists traverse. Beginning your wedded life in the midst of green fields and the White Mountains, encompassed by a tranquil quiet is something that is an unmatched encounter.


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