100Marks: The Best App For E-Learning For Indian Students Soon To Be Launched

1st November 2020, Delhi: A venture of the education portal Admission24.com, 100Marks, an e-learning app that promises to provide top-notch education to Indian children from kindergarten to class 5th, will soon be launched in the market. It is. Through this app, students can ace curriculum-based learning.


The app brings to students, course material developed by its expert faculty who have invested thousands of man-hours in the venture. They stay updated with subject material ranging from kindergarten to class 5th. The course material has been painstakingly created by expert faculty and is offered by this app. It is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and accessible via laptops, tablets and smartphones.


The various tools and resources offered by the app are virtual books, game-based learning, MCQ worksheets, Printables, Playbooks, Quiz of the day, Rewards and other benefits.

The faculty of the company understand how much kids appreciate free printables. Hence, they regularly update the 100Marks app and persist in adding as many printables as possible.


There are thousands of pages of free printable activities on the app. They have listed these as per each subject of each grade, and currently, they offer over 1000 printable worksheets. They are proud of the huge collection of printables for each age group.


They are also happy with the fact that such activities will not only aid the inquisitive little minds of children with Reading, Writing and Math, they will also enhance their general knowledge and problem-solving skills, all while having a great time.


Another service rendered by the app is designing MCQ worksheets. During studies conducted by the company, they found that many a time, students very well knew the answer to questions but were unable to recall them due to issues with memory or the pressure felt in the exam environment.

At 100Marks, they believe in enabling a child to develop self-learning capabilities, and they understand that the options given in MCQ’s can trigger the memory of children to help in finding the right answer.


The MCQ’s (Multiple Choice Questions) of 100Marks are sharp and short which implies that more can be posed in a test situation to provide a student with a more extensive examination of how much they understand in a given subject.


The app has created a bank of over 50,000 questions from all subjects across K-5th that covers each and every topic in the children’s curriculum. Parents can also keep track of the performance of their ward. Simultaneously, kids will also be gaining coins and rewards for each correct answer that they can utilize further in their in-app upgrades.


The app has also developed playbooks for children. These have been designed by teachers and experts to engage children with several learning tools that keep intact their frolic and fun. They have curated activities like colouring, drawing & sketching, drag & drop, placing and counting objects, spelling games, matching rhyming words etc.


About The Company: 100Marks – The Smart Learning App  (www.100marks.co) is an e-learning app created by an education company, Admission24.com. It features course material for students from kindergarten to Class 5th. The app is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and works on all digital devices.

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