15 Best Android Apps in 2018

15 best android apps in 2018

Android, as you know, is best known as a mobile operating system from Google. One of the major strengths of Android is the app system. Thousands of apps are getting uploaded every day. The number in Google Play Store for the apps has increased to 30 lakhs as of March 2018. Name any problem and you can get an app. Many of them are free, but some are not. Mobile App Development Company is doing great by developing many android Apps. In this article, you will get valuable information on apps that can change your life. They are a must on your Android mobile.

  1. Weather

The name spells the service of the app. You can find stuff such as forecasts, current condition, and weather. The app has one of the best designs in the system. It also has widgets. If you do not mind the banner ads that pop up every time, the app is the best take you have on weather.

  1. AppLock

An app with many options. You make a payment for the premium features. You get no advertisements. Or else, choose the free model. Select the no payment method, get premium features but ready to view ads.

Benefit – the apps in your mobile are made secure with passwords. If you have a kid, roommates who want to intrude in your every moment etc, then download the app.

  1. Blue Mail

As the name implies, it is for mail. The app regularizes the emails in a line. But it has many features such as widgets, Android Wear Support, app themes and color coding. You can also make use of block features. The app has got a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

  1. Credit Karma

A fun-related financial app. You can check the credit score for free every year. Major changes in the credit score? You will get notifications.

Other benefits of the line? You can gain information about the credit cards you may qualify for, based on the credit score. You can plan and start building your credit score.

  1. Feedly

More known as an RSS reader. Do you want to subscribe to various websites? Yes? Then install this app. You can get news from every website at the same time. Best support offered to Youtube channels and podcasts. Want to read an interesting article on your passionate niche? This app is the ideal choice.

  1. Gboard

Known as Google’s keyboard app (official). It has many features such as emoji search, voice typing, light theme etc.

One major advantage – with the inbuilt Google search, you can search the internet. You do not have to opt out of the keyboard or app. Is the mobile keyboard giving you headaches? Then you know the perfect answer.

  1. Google Drive Suite

Say Google and you get plenty. There are many applications embedded in the Google Drive. In the app, you get Google slides, Google docs, Google sheets, Google keep along with the app. The apps usage – for taking notes, photo back-ups and file storage. If you have more than 15 GB storage info, then you will have to make a payment. But do you store more than the 15 GB in your mobile? No way!

  1. Google Assistant

How can the product from the globe’s super search engine be? Wonderful. In fact, you can think of artificial intelligence. You can complete many tasks such as navigation, communication and an entire set of daily jobs via this app. The best use is using the app to trigger other apps, play games, plan strategy and ask questions. In short, you can use the Voice commands. You can use this app best in Android smartphones and will you believe, even the smartwatches.


  1. Swiftkey

The number of Swifykey users has grown to 250 million. The best part is the usage of Artificial Intelligence in its design. It can predict the words you intend to type. It has a wide variety of themes and comes across as an excellent keyboard for folks who know multi-languages. It does not store any sort of sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

  1. Evernote

You can take notes in any type of formats such as video, audio, photos, and text. An app that is required in today’s busy life. It also contains home screen widgets to give easy access to your important notes. One of the essential apps you should have in your Android app.

  1. Xander – File Sharing App

Have you ever wondered an easy alternative other than carrying a USB Data cable to exchange files? You can make use of the Xender app to send/receive files. The advantage – it is faster than BlueTooth.

12. Google Maps

This is a must-have an app in your Android mobile for traffic, GPS navigation, and transit. You can check on street maps, real-time traffic information, satellite images and plan accordingly if you are going on a new hike trail. This app has information of maps of 200 countries.

13. PicsArt – Photo Editor App

Imagine images, and you are reminded of Instagram. PicsArt has become the favorite photo editing app with the download of 100 million. There are options aplenty. You can find college, frames, photo drawing, cropping and clone tools. And a lot more. Yes, it has display ads, but the advantage- it is free.

  1. LastPass – Password Manager App

You have had strong lockers in our homes. Now you need a strong password manager for your various online accounts, be it banking or social media. The LastPass app is the best form of online security for personal information. The app moves fast across many platforms.

15. Habit Tracker – Habit Tracking Apps

Want to kick off a dirty habit such as smoking? Then have this app in the mobile. It gives the alarm and presents motivational quotes. There are in-app forums for interaction with people.

16. best mouth talking apps


Today, a major part of the e-commerce business is online. More through mobiles. Every customer wants to check if his/her favorite business brand has an app. In this article, you have received information on the apps that are to make a major mark in 2018.

Have you of late, turned an entrepreneur? Have you started an online services platform that gives laundry services in Hyderabad? Then use the apps mentioned above to save time.

Do you have more knowledge about apps? Feel free to drop a comment in the Review Section.

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