15 Most influential Apps for Economics Students

The proliferation of education is backed by technology so much that your smartphones are becoming the prime tool for learning, and apps are a convenient window to knowledge. Education Institutes and add developers have identified the massive demand of apps dedicated to the Economics subject.

Now there is a multicity of Economics study apps which scores of students regularly use and learn from. Here are the 15 most influential apps to learn Economics – 

The Economist 

Probably the only app which is truly global and focuses on analysis more than reporting. The Economist app offers a plethora of free articles which helps students understand and make their own opinion about economic events. 

Econ Biz- 

A useful app for students as well as practising researchers, Econ Biz is like a search engine for finding economic papers. It adds several journals, articles, books, and papers published at the student’s disposal. 

Economic Growth-

Specifically targeted to the students new to economics, this app proficiently delivers the basics of economic development aided by real-life examples. 

iTunes U-

This app allows you to take fully online courses with specially curated courses for Economics. Students get access to scores of videos and downloadable documents to learn from. 

World Bank DataFinder-

World Bank is a credible global name known to conduct multiple economic surveys with the international and region-wide appeal. Since the World Bank’s data and statistics are universally used and accepted, it becomes crucial for students to get quick access for the same. This app allows learners seamless access to that data.

Economic Times- 

Formerly a news publication, Economic Times app is a handy tool to stay updated and learn about economic developments across the globe. Apart from the news, it furnishes the reader with easy to understand pictorial representation of data, infographics, slide shows, stock trading and more. Apart from that it also includes real-time notifications, swift reporting and analysis of notable economic developments. 

Yahoo Finance-

Also known as the Investor favourite, Yahoo Finance is the app which is constantly used to track real-time information on the stock market. It also covers a brief section of economic news which help students to be up to date. 

Khan Academy-

With a decent foothold amongst students, Khan Academy is known for its detailed and informative courses from different verticals. Their courses dedicated to Economics covers students studying BA Economics Syllabus, BA Economics Honours, amongst others. 


Podcasts are a great way to gain knowledge and multitask at the same time. Castbox helps you get detailed discussions on the subject of economics through sessions like Planet Money, Marketplace and more. 


Bloomberg’s area of operation overlaps with that of Yahoo Finance; however, the app is equally informative and competitive when it comes to financial information, access to market information and more. 

Oanda Currency Converter 

Practical education plays a big part in Economics and apps like these much help students in getting daily rates of different currencies and see actual interest rates from the banks and credit companies. 

Oanda Forex Trading 

Money spinning for investors and an excellent practise ground for students! The app’s demo mode allows students to use fake money and make investments through buying and selling of the real currency. Students can make their investments and check out new strategies for future use. 

PocketCAS Mathematics Toolkit-

Often Economics requires students to use advanced calculation for data analysis. This app allows students to use scientific calculators with features like 2D and 3D plots, algebra functions and more. 


Extremely useful in the research days, this app allows you to streamline the tiring work of bibliography formatting by scanning the book’s barcode with a smartphone. With multiple citation formats available, it becomes incredibly confusing to go about the process. 

Econ Ed Mobile-

Again an app which focuses on practical education, students can learn the history of inflation in the world, forecast and compare rates of different goods, games for cost and credit estimation and more.



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