4 Habits to Avoid That Worsens Acne Condition


Acne is one of the most common skin problems that the majority of people have to deal with. If left untreated then it can cause scars that become so hard to get rid of. Now, the treatment for acne has to be precise so that the condition doesn’t worsen further.

However, we all have a habit to jump on treatments that we see online. But without a professional’s consulting it isn’t really a wise decision to adopt a treatment routine or habit for Acne Montreal.

You gotta be cautious, that’s why to help you out we have listed some habits that you must avoid that could worsen your acne situation. Continue to read till the end to find out.

  1.   Changing acne treatment every other week

You have to be patient enough when it comes to acne treatment and the worst thing that you could do is to change acne treatment every other week. One day you are seeking a different treatment and the other week you are trying out another.

This habit of yours will worsen the skin situation even more. You have to give some time in order for a treatment to work properly. Typically, you have to stick to a treatment for at least 6 to 8 weeks before switching with some other treatment.

  1.   Sharing makeup applicators & products with others

Your skin is already in a vulnerable condition if you have acne. You have to be extra careful with your skin and sharing your makeup tools or products with others could worsen the situation.

While acne is not contagious but sharing the products & makeup applicators to others can collect oil and bacteria from their skin. If you use the same items then it is likely that you will be transferring the bacteria, oil and other unwanted stuff onto your skin.

This action will only increase your skin problems.

  1.   Applying acne medication only on the blemishes

Now, we totally get the idea of why people end up doing this however it isn’t the right approach to treat and take care of your acne. After all, acne condition is more than just what you see on your skin.

If you apply the medication only on the blemishes then chances are the breakouts will appear once again but on some other place on your skin. That is why it is recommended to apply doctor’s recommended medication uniformly all over your acne-prone skin.

  1.   Cleansing your face all throughout the day

If you think that getting rid of the oil, sweat and dirt by cleansing your face quite often throughout the day is good for your acne then you are certainly wrong. Cleansing your face more than twice a day can lead to irritation which eventually result in more breakouts.

Stick to twice a day cleansing habit instead of going overboard. The ideal time would be after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night.


If you follow the right acne Montreal treatment diligently skipping all the errors mentioned above then there’s no stopping you from getting a clear acne-free skin. But make sure you avoid the above enumerated habits that can worsen your condition.

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