5 Dishes to Eat When You Are in Hawaii

Hawaiian dishes are so popular because of how delicious they are. They’re originally from the Pacific Polynesian islands. Which means, participating in these dishes is a continuation of traditions.

Hawaii constitutes a diverse ethnical population that comes with a myriad of recipes to prepare amazing food. The flavors you can have for dishes that look the same are mind-blowing.

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Let’s dive in and look at the five best Hawaiian dishes you should try out.

1.     Poi

Poi is the staple starch dish in Hawaii. This traditional dish is a traditional filler carbohydrate that’s made from taro root. The roots are similar to potatoes or yam, and they come with a starchy flavor.

This thick paste can be baked or steamed, depending on your preference. Once cooked, you’re required to pound it and add water to make the mixture pudding-like.

Once you achieve the right consistency, it’s ready to eat. Many people cannot get enough of poi because it’s not only delicious; it’s filling as well. If you cannot find the taro root, you can always buy it in powder form.

2.     Laulau

This is another favorite for many people who’re into Hawaiian dishes. Laulau is a dish made from taro root leaves. In a way, you could say Laulau and Poi are sister dishes.

This traditional meal has a spinach-like appearance and consistency. Hawaiians like to warp pork with taro root leaves and then cook in underground ovens.

The best Laulau is one that has cooked for hours to ensure it is soft.

3.     Kalua Pig

This is yet another Hawaiian delicacy that you won’t get enough of. This famous pork dish is also cooked in an underground oven like Laulau. It is sweetest when it’s been cooked for hours because the meat becomes tender and it retains a smokey flavor.

Kalua Pig is actually quite similar to American pulled pork. The only difference is, Kalua pig doesn’t use America’s tangy barbecue sauce. This dish goes well with rice.

4.     Poke

Poke in Hawaii is the Japanese version of sashimi. This is an addictive dish that you’ll always want to have a taste of. Unlike sashimi, which is sliced into thin pieces, poke is served as bite-sized cubes.

If you’re a fan of raw fish, you’ll enjoy this delicacy because it’s made from tuna. Other fishes form salty water lakes are also used because they come with the salted flavor in them.

Hawaii has so many types of poke that you can try. In fact, you can dedicate one of your trips to Hawaii to tasting different kinds of poke. Different marinade combinations result in quite unique flavors. As you know, Hawaiian spices are something to write home about.

The latest invention in poke dishes is a bowl of rice with poke as the topping. If you’re feeling creative, you could buy tuna fish and see if you can enjoy Poke at the comfort of your home.

5.     Lomi Salmon

This is an original Hawaiian dish that was later borrowed by people living in other pacific islands. It is a traditional dish that is a great addition to poi. Lomi Salmon is raw fish just like poke.

Most Hawaiian households have perfected the art of making Lomi Salmon. It’s usually cured with salt and then diced into bite-sized pieces. The dish is incomplete with fresh diced tomatoes to add flavor.

You can also add chili pepper and onions if you love spicy foods. This salsa garnishing will tantalize your taste buds.


Hawaiian dishes are quite popular because of how delicious they are. If you’re planning a trip to this Pacific island, you should definitely add trying their cuisine to your bucket list. Even though you can try these recipes at home, you can never achieve the traditional taste of these foods like the Hawaiians who’ve grown up cooking them.

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