8 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Austin

8 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Austin

So, you have officially transitioned from engagement to wedding planning. Now, you have started working on your budget and looking for the perfect time to lock in the venue! Well, Austin gives you plethora of awesome locations for your big day on the outdoors. You have amazing number of iconic venues, historic mansions around the town, why not give it a try! Here are some of the best out wedding venues recommended by wedding rentals Austin:

  1. 800 Congress: Sited in the centre of the downtown, 800 Congress is an amazing urban wedding location. With its splendid industrial vibes and beautiful street side terrace, this recently opened space offers the brilliant backdrop to get married in style. 800 Congress can fill around 300 seated guests and stands perfects for a Texas marriage event.
  2. Archer Hotel Austin: The Hotel is hippest hotel of North Austin and is an adorable wedding location to boot. Sited in the Domain Northside, the Archer Hotel includes plethora of facilities in their special wedding packages. Right from choosing a customized menu to upscale rooms and event place, the Archer promises to offer class and regal time.
  3. Featherstone Ranch: Gloriously sited in the centre of the Hill Country, the place offers a lovely patio for wedding. The towering oak trees is a pleasant location to get married at. Your guests will just admire the panoramic scenes of the surrounding hill-covered landscape.
  4. Red Ridge Receptions: A couple purchased Red Ridge and got married there only to find out that their mutual dream was to own a romantic wedding destination. This rustic chic location is beautifully special and the hilltop views are exemplary beautiful.
  5. The Reverbery: This Austin downtown went through severe renovations in the procedure and is a new take on the ordinary hotel venues of the location. The location pays homage to recording studios in the Live Music Capital.
  6. Bar Mansion and Artisan Ballroom: It is all about greenery and nature in this mansion. Enjoy gardens, linens, Victorian mansion overlooking the grounds. The farm tables are crafted by an Austin craftsman and the menu can be customized from organic from local ingredients.
  7. Hummingbird House: The location was basically made as a personal residence of a nursery own, thus has stunning landscape. Seasonal flowers, water, canopy of arching flora gives your ceremony a fairy tale like atmosphere. The gauze- draped elegant tents allows you to dine and dance under the elegant trees with twinkling lights and lanterns.
  8. Sanctuary Event Space: Whether you are looking for indoor celebrations or outdoor party under the canopy of oak trees, this is a perfect place for you.

All you need to do is hire wedding rentals Austin for yourself to find out which venue will suit you better. Archive Rentals is your one-stop solution to organize your wedding events and functions. Outdoor locations are highly preferred during springs and thus loved by the guests as well as the couple. Find out the options and packages available for you and choose the one which suits your budget, requirement and preference. Just share your details to find the most suitable package for you and make your big day grander.

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