A green reason to use virtual server hosting

virtual server hosting

Virtual server hosting or VPS has become a household name in recent years. And the reason for the popularity of VPS is lowering the cost of virtualization and the benefits that come with VPS servicer.

With more and more websites choosing virtual private servers hosting, it becomes necessary to investigate what makes VPS more popular especially among the startup websites.

  1. More reliability

There was a time when the shared web hosting was the preferred choice of startups but the myth of getting the best service at a cheaper price didn’t take much time in breaking. The biggest drawback of a shared server is that even a single bad user can spoil the prospects of all the users on the server.

For example, uptime and performance of your website could get greatly affected by the other sites on the server.

  1. Total control

It is only VPS service that provides full root access to the server. And it is an important factor. For example, you want to install a custom software package in the server but can’t because you need complete control. In this situation, you would need to wait for your server to provide backend support to let you tweak the server to suit your needs.

VPS comes with complete control features that allow quick access to make necessary changes like activating and de-activating functions. But this luxury isn’t available with shared hosting where you need to rely on backend support to get access to the server.

  1. Quick resources

Yours is a startup website and for this reason whatever little resources offered by your webhost are more than sufficient for the site. But what if the website gets a sudden surge of visitors. Would it be able to accommodate a huge number of visitors? Yes, it could, if you are prepared. With VPS hosting, you can quickly add more RAM to your container and accommodate more visitors. But other servers like shared and dedicated would make you wait for a long time to add resources to your server.

  1. Cost saving

Advancement of technology and competition between webhosts have made virtual server hosting a cheaper option even for low-budget sites. And the prices of virtualization are expected to continue the descending trend in future. For example, you can get VPS for as little as $39.95 excluding GST.

  1. Green platform

Virtual private servers hosting is greener than dedicated service. When you use a dedicated server, you get all the resources of that server. In other words, you are the sole user and consumer of that server. But in virtualization, the server is divided into environments to accommodate more users. In other words, more websites would consume the resources of a physical server and make the optimum use of the server.

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