Bags Generate More Impressions In The U.S. Than Any Other Promotional Item

Did you know? Various surveys have revealed that in the United States, every bag generates over 5000 impressions, which exceeds any other promotional product. Offering the correct type of bag to the right buyer can lead to a considerable increase in those extreme impressions.


Half of the population in the United States utilizes tote bags. These days, promotional products are in high demand. These can easily be reused, and this is great for the environment. The best part is that these bags can be used for traveling to the market, school, college, day trips, and many more places.  Therefore, the use of promotional products such as tote bags has become quite common among retailers across different businesses.


Have A Look At The Below-Given Facts-

  • 8 out of 10 people have at least 2 promotional products.


  • Near about 53% of the people make use of a product advertising some brand no less than once in 7 days.


  • 6 out of 10 people keep using any of the promotional items for near about a couple of years.


  • Just 1 out of 5 people will dispose-off a useless promotional item. That is the simplest part. It is evident that promoting an item will display your brand name to the audience, but what kind of promotional items work perfectly for your brand? Well, it’s not that tough to find.


  • With almost 6,000 impressions, the promotional bags produce a higher number of impressions in comparison to any other advertising product in the United States.


  • Near about 31% of the buyers in the U.S have at least one promotional bag.The promotional bags are best to be used as a promotional item to upsurge your marketing. The buyers like receiving bags as they are handy and the brands also prefer offering these as they work as a great advertising medium for them. Moreover, any company can make use of this method to promote their products in the market. And, any business can easily use these bags for promotion.
  • Various trades ranging from restaurants, salons, gyms, cosmetics to theatres have successfully got higher profits with the use of promotional bags. So, if you also want to make your business grow at a faster pace, get custom printed bagsonline.


Have a quick look at the most creative ideas through which you can make it work for your business-


  1. Give Away As A Gift

People like getting freebies and especially a bag when they shop for something. There is something truly magical and unique with the promotional bags that make the buyers spend more. And, sometimes people buy for no reason, but to get that free bag with the products they paid for. So, offering a bag as a gift with the shopping is a great idea to attract more customers to your brand.


  1. Special Event Give Away


While hosting some event or taking out the employees for a day out, a bag with your brand logo would be a perfect give away for the day. It will surely help in advertising the brand in a simple, economical, and creative way. So, this is also an excellent option to pick for promoting your brand effectively.


  1. Include Bags To Your Product List


In case you are selling clothes, shoes, sports items, or some other products from a similar category, you can include stylish bags for your products for selling. This concept of selling bags with your brand logo and message will surely be helpful in advertising at a low cost with more profit instead.


  1. Use Custom Printed Bags

When customers visit your store to shop for their needs, you can serve them the items placed in a carry bag with your brand logo on the top. Now, the buyer will take that bag along to various places, and ultimately your brand will get promoted for free. Believe it or not, this is one of the best techniques to increase the footfall in your store. If you are wondering where to get custom printed bags, then go online, you will come across countless options to choose from, based on your specific needs.


  1. Bag As A Sponsorship Product

The promotional bags make a huge difference and work as a statement when multiple customers walk with them on the streets. Whether you are about to provide sponsorship to some conference or event or supporting some sports team, a bag with your brand logo on top could do wonders.


  1. Use of Promotional Bags At Trade Shows

If you are planning to acquire a booth in some trade show then, you can use the promotional bags as an offering to the casual observers. This activity will work its magic, and your booth will be the most visited one at the show.

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