Benefits of Promotions While Playing Online Rummy

Who doesn’t love availing promotional offers? Whether it’s for shopping, Tour booking, or playing games, an opportunity to get something more at a lower price seems quite attractive. Just like any other game site, even online rummy sites grant various promotional offers to the players. These are beneficial for both the offering site, as well as the player who claims them. Let’s have a look at some of the frequent promotions found on rummy websites and how they prove to be advantageous for players.

A. Leaderboards

Whenever you start playing on any rummy site, you’ll come across the monthly leaderboards for different game varieties. The winners are usually the players who have been able to score the highest and win maximum games in a particular leaderboard promotion. Mostly these are organised around the festive seasons, but some sites offer at least two leaderboard promotions every month.


If you are someone who loves competition and continuously seek out opportunities to test your skills, rummy leaderboards are the best choice for you. Since these are non-repetitive, each offering a different reward amount, you get to avail multiple promotional benefits from time to time. Joining a leaderboard is simple and all you need to do is play maximum games during the promotion period.

B. Tournaments

Online Tournaments, popularly known as ‘tourneys’ offer a competitive platform to players, with quite attractive rewards for winners. Tourneys are divided into freeroll and cash-based, both offering lucrative prizes to the top scorers. At Rummy Passion, you’ll find tournaments being organised daily and prizes being awarded accordingly to the victors.


Tournaments offer an excellent means for players to avail monetary benefits from any rummy site. But apart from the financial benefits, the high-level competition is a great opportunity to upscale one’s skills. Winning a tournament requires a lot of dedication and practice, but in the end, that hard work pays off well when the player wins.

C. Bonuses

If you are a passionate rummy player, bonuses are a sure-shot way to get some extra bucks in your pocket. All the top rummy sites provide enticing bonuses to players in that can be availed on a weekly or monthly basis. Some of these are simply a unique opportunity but offer tremendous benefits. Rummy Passion – India’s most loved rummy site is known for its highly attractive bonus offers that a player can start availing as soon as they register. Here are some popular bonuses that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

  1. A Bonus for the Beginners

The welcome bonus is one of the most lucrative promotions on any rummy site, with most of them giving 100% bonus on a player’s first deposit. Of course, there’s a cap on the bonus amount offered, but even then, it is an offer you shouldn’t skip out on. If you are a registered player at Rummy Passion, you’ll get 100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs 2000 on making your first deposit. All you need to do is add the code ‘WELCOME’ when you first make a deposit and enjoy the double benefit.

  1. Something for the long weekends

Weekends are usually a period when you’ve got some extra leisure time. You’d want to spend that playing your favourite card game – rummy. That’s why the best rummy sites such as Rummy Passion give multiple bonus rewards to the enthusiastic rummy players. You can avail the TGIF bonus offer as well as the Sunday Passion bonus while playing to your heart’s content.

  1. Playing with your buddies

Games are much enjoyed when played with friends, and this is one fact that rummy sites try to cash on by offering referral bonuses. All you need to do is invite your friends using the referral code, and once they join and start playing the cash games, your account can be credited with a bonus amount ranging up to Rs 3000. In fact, some sites even offer a bonus to the referee after they make their first deposit.


Bonuses are, in a way, permanent promotions on any rummy site, and can be availed by everyone joining the site. A significant benefit to players is that you know exactly how much amount you’ll get when applying a bonus code, depending on the terms mentioned on the website.

To Summarise

Promotions offer an exciting avenue for gaming enthusiasts to test their skills and at the same time reap some extra benefits. These are also beneficial for the gaming sites as they are successful in attracting many interested players to the site. If you are an avid online player, you’ll come across a lot of websites competing against each other, promoting their services in exciting ways. But, it is up to you to choose the one that is most genuine and reliable. And if you are already registered on a site, don’t forget to avail all their exciting offers thrown your way. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an added opportunity.

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