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Here is your guide to choose and work with a Best children’s book illustrator. If you have decided to write a children’s book and get it published on your own then your illustrator may play a major role in how your business earns. Especially if you are working on a children’s book, then it could be a piece of work that could define the destiny of your book. Hiring and working with a good illustrator is an art and it takes time to understand how to work with them to get the full advantage of this step. If you have a publisher for your book then it’s a different thing however if you have decided on the bold step of publishing your book on your own, then it is only you and your illustrator. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts when you start to work with an illustrator.

Choose a “style” for your book

Before you move into the illustrator, you should have a clear idea of what you are looking for. You should search the web and various artists’ work before you move on to an illustrator for your book. You should also research the process of children’s books illustrations and seek various templates that are available on different illustrator’s websites to chalk out what you are looking forward to in your book. Also, do a bit of research on what kind of design would suit your book in terms of color pallet that would suit your kind of book. You can also visit a children’s book library near you and the bookstores that sell children’s books to get an idea about how children’s books are illustrated.

Start you search for illustrator online

Now that you have clear in your mind that how you want your book to be illustrated and have done your homework, the second step would be to find an illustrator. The best place to find an illustrator is freelancing sites. When you post your job there you will get a lot of responses however, you need to check their work and talk to them before you start to work with them.

 Apart from the range of choice, you can also get an illustrator here for a lot less money than your local artists would charge you. Plus, here you will also have the safety provided by the freelancing site on the timeline and completion of your project before they ask you to make the payments to the artists. 

However, you must be careful about the quality of work that this artist may produce. You should ask him to show you their previous work before you hire them. Based on their job experience and looking at their previous work, you can certainly make a good decision on them. Don’t ask them to work for royalty, just pay them for their work. Artists should not be included in the sales front. Let them strive to produce their creativity. They should be paid for their work. You never know what gem of a piece they might produce for you out of their work.


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