Dedicated Server – A Smart Way to Pay for and Administer Technology

Is your internet business weighed down by capital investment? Are you finding managing and maintaining systems a pain in the neck?

Do you consistently have to face technology refresh cycle updates?

If your answer is in the affirmative, then you need a faster, safer and a simpler approach.

What your business needs is a dedicated server with highly secure storage features.

Maintaining servers in-house is a costly business. When your business expands and traffic to your site intensifies, you will need to procure more servers to sustain performance.


There are other drawbacks too.

You will require additional physical space, more money to pay air conditioning and electricity bills and not to mention drain on your in-house IT staff.

Dedicated server hosting is a straight forward cost effective solution for entrepreneurs having intricate applications, back-up, and disaster recovery and storage requirements.

Shared web hosting is adequate for relatively low traffic websites. Even though there are set up constraints, the costs are affordable. However when sites expand shared hosting becomes a barrier.

If you are conducting business in the cloud, you need extensive coverage to provide the widest possible access for suppliers, clientele, employees and partners.

A dedicated server offers the following advantages.

High level of security

As server access is restricted, you can be certain of a high level of security. You also get administrative access, which has definitive advantages. In shared hosting, the hosting company does not allow you administrative access to the server. This severely curbs your ability to work on your site.

Dedicated Server Hosting allows for administrator access, which in turn enables you to install applications and carry out custom software configurations.

Other advantages include:

  • Allowing you to monitor usage of server resources
  • Enabling identification of potential issues before they negatively impact your website.


There is no doubt that shared hosting is reliable, but committed servers gives you added reliability.

When your business is running on a shared hosting plan, you divide space for other entities. If their websites gobble up more resources, your website can be in trouble.

Higher level of technical support

Web hosting companies offer priority technical support for dedicated clients. They get faster response times from skilled professionals to troubleshoot critical issues that may crop up. Experts on a priority basis will advise on how to change server settings, and other functions to keep your website running.

Secure storage

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to hesitate purchasing a new server because they do not have adequate space to store it safely.  A server must mandatorily be kept in a climate controlled environment and free of moisture.

A hosting company has the wherewithal to keep servers in a proper environment adequately secured from condensation and extreme temperatures.

Overcoming Hesitation

Dedicated Server is fast expanding across most business segments. Social networking sites, retail websites to high security companies are all opting for dedicated hosting.

Yet there is hesitation among many companies. There is reluctance among entrepreneurs as they stick to their previous methods web hosting.

One of the reasons could be lack of understanding of the potential benefits. If the message goes across effectively that dedicated hosting results in enhanced efficiency and long term saving in money, entrepreneurs are sure to do away with their disinclination.

But at the moment the following two rationales are offered by businesses for not going for dedicated hosting.

1. High costs

Dedicated server is more expensive than other hosting options. Moreover, a dedicated server is more complicated than other servers making for difficult setting up, maintenance and restoration work. Most website owners find this as a big challenge, and instead choose shared private server hosting.

2. Demanding technical requirements

To set up a dedicated server and administer a website hosted on it, businesses need extensive networking knowledge and skills.

Yes, it is true technical support is available on a priority basis, but the in-house staff has to be familiar with server mechanisms, IP routing, and other technicalities.

Businesses that use shared server get free scripts and other features that are preinstalled with their hosting packages. But companies that need dedicated hosting have specific or custom needs, so the responsibility of site building and installation of software are left to them.

Meeting the challenges

But businesses are slowly filling in the gaps in technical inadequacies. The ability to install modules and programs are no longer issues with many companies. They have skilled staff that can run websites and scripts.

Today, many businesses have large steady traffic and they need more functionality. For them dedicated hosting is the only solution.

As we move deeper into the information age, companies both large and small are transitioning to new media to sell their products and services. In these cut-throat competitive times, businesses have to build relationships with their customers to strengthen their brand image.

Despite the fact, that most companies see online presence as crucial for success, many are struggling to go on the right track.

The role of web hosting companies has become all the more important because websites have grown to be the foundation of online marketing – in other words the underpinning of a successful marketing strategy.


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