Did you know how beneficial creatine is for you?


Various studies have been conducted which show muscle growth and better performance in humans with the consumption of creatine. It helps in providing increased strength and gives muscle mass. Creatine is very common among guys. You will see them taking creatine at the gym in the form of capsules, powders or even shakes.

While the powder is already very popular, most people are still unaware of its list of benefits. Well, there is plenty that creatine has to offer you. Check out below –

Provides strength – All of us get fagged out at the end of a long day and keep searching for some source to build strength. For this reason, you can try out creatine which is a great energy booster. As per a study conducted in California, consuming creatine helps build muscles which in turn helps you to perform the daily chores of life better and gives you the additional energy. If you spend hours at the gym lifting heavy weight and working very hard, try creatine supplement. You can also eat foods which already have creatine such as salmon, pork, beef and tuna.

Quicker start – for most of us, at times, all we need is a good start to succeed in anything. This may not seem true if we talk about politics but it definitely helps if you are into playing sports. Researchers in Italy discovered that sprinters and jumpers which consumed creatine greatly improved the initial 60 seconds of their game performance by around 15%. But be it whatever sport that you play, badminton, cricket, hockey, volleyball, football, etc, any creatine supplement can definitely give you a good start and in turn a good game.

It boosts our testosterone – Sadly, once we reach our late twenties, the testosterone levels begin to decline gradually and it is quite common. Through this you will feel less energetic, lack of strength, endurance, sex drive and mental sharpness. The solution to this is the testosterone replacement therapy lie daily patch or injections. However in this case you can also give a try to creatine. According to a study conducted in New Jersey, following a resistance program of 10 weeks, participants who daily took the creatine supplement greatly increased their testosterone levels. So if you too are concerned about your rapidly declining testosterone levels, visit a doctor for a blood test and try creatine.

Brain waves – Apart from physical performance and other improvements, creatine is also proved to improve the acuity of the brain. Researchers in Australia gave 30 participants each five gm supplement of creatine for six weeks daily and concluded that most of them could faster process information. They had a better memory.

Muscle growth – And this one is obvious. When you consume protein, you know you are helping your muscles grow. This way creatine too helps. Creatine according to studies helps in gaining mass. So if you are all lanky and want to gain a good figure, creatine can be of help.

With so many benefits and no side effects, and also with the large availability of creatine supplements in India, you should try it out today!

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