Fake, paid reviews will be fined 10 lakhs, government has issued guidelines

Modi government has issued new guidelines to ban fake reviews and paid reviews. new guidelines Under this, companies found guilty can be fined up to 10 lakhs. E-commerce These new guidelines for companies will be applicable from November 25 The purpose of these new rules is to crack down on fake and paid reviews. After their implementation, e-commerce companies can no longer do fake and paid reviews.

With the publication of the guidelines today, the news aired by PKBnews India on 18 November has been confirmed. PKBnews Bharat told sources on Friday that the consumer ministry will issue its guidelines on fake reviews on Monday.

Customers will be helped to buy the right product

As per the rules issued by the government on Monday, now paid reviews have to be marked separately. This will help customers. Based on consumer reviews, customers will be able to buy the right product. Agreed to implement guidelines in e-commerce companies. We tell you that the guidelines are not binding now But soon the guidelines will be made mandatory. According to the directive, if the companies do not agree, strict action will be taken against the companies. This action will be taken under the Consumer Protection Act.

As per rules this matter will come under the Unfair Trade Practices. There will be a provision to penalize the companies under this. Companies can be fined up to Rs 10 lakh.

We tell you that due to such fake reviews, there have been incidents affecting customers, where they have bought wrong products relying on reviews. With the new guidelines, it is hoped that people will avoid such fake reviews in the future.

Companies like Amazon, Flipkart need to be careful

The purpose of these guidelines is to protect the interests of consumers and to disclose accurate information about a product. So that he can make the best decision regarding the purchase of the product. The scope of these guidelines will include positive reviews by companies for their products as well as negative reviews of other companies’ products The move by the government will take action against companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Naeca, Amazon and Flipkart.

Reference Link to the Article: https://pkbnews.in/fake-paid-reviews-will-be-fined-10-lakhs-government-has-issued-guidelines/

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