How is managed dedicated server hosting better than unmanaged dedicated servers?

Today’s Companies take products and services to customers via online sites. They use dedicated servers that are powerful Enterprise-grade machines with components for reliability and high performance. These exist as managed and unmanaged dedicated servers.

What Is a Managed Dedicated Server?

Managed dedicated servers are ideal for companies busy with business growth. There is a lack of manpower and technical support within their Company to look after the dedicated servers. Hence, professional administrators of the service providers take complete care of the dedicated server. They ensure the hardware, network, operating system are running smoothly. Regularly, they monitor the performance, identify potential issues, check the database, and the webserver. These managed dedicated servers have the best latest security services and an updated operating system.  

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server:

  • The administrators take care of hardware and software of the server.  
  • Always the latest security software and operating system are installed. 
  • Managed Dedicated server provides enhanced security assistance.
  • Clients can contact customer support to clarify their doubts. 
  • Automated Backups are available in a managed dedicated server. 
  • Managed dedicated server plans cost more; however, provides several benefits. 
  • Clients cannot access root files and customize. But, administrator of the server provider ensures consistent optimal performance. 

What Is an Un-Managed Dedicated Server? 

An unmanaged dedicated server is not fully managed by administrators of the service provider. They look care after the server’s hardware, network connection, and operating system. Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the client to take care of the software. These include installing, modifying root files ensuring their performance, and reliability. Also, regular maintenance including backups and installing security has to be carried out. 

 Benefits of Unmanaged Dedicated Server

  • IT specialists of Company get full root access so that they can optimize online sites.  
  • IT specialists can use fully featured hosting control panel (cPanel, Plesk). 
  • An opting unmanaged dedicated server offers you more reliability than others do.
  • An unmanaged dedicated server will offer a unique IP address for your business site.
  • Hardware and network issues are resolved by hosting providers. 
  • Sites are maintained (backups, optimize loading time, security) at convenience. 
  • Less expensive than managed dedicated servers. 

Difference Between Managed Dedicated Server and Un-Managed Dedicated Server?

Most flourishing businesses opt for dedicated server hosting plans. These offer the best price/performance ratio. Also, a dedicated server offers uncompromised performance and reliability. Below are the difference between a managed dedicated server and unmanaged dedicated servers.  

Managed Dedicated Server:

  • The service provider offers complete technical support by professional administrators for a managed dedicated server. 
  • Ideal for small businesses and start-up business owners having low manpower and no technicians.  
  • Clients of service providers offering managed dedicated server plans get to save precious time. 
  • The business owners get to concentrate on business growth, building relationship with customers, and more. 
  • Since managed dedicated server hosting plans come with complete technical support, those cost more. 

Unmanaged Dedicated Server:

  • The service provider takes care of the server’s hardware, network and the operating system only.
  • In-house administrators and IT specialists of the client (business owner, start-up, Company) look after the server’s software. 
  • Technicians have the freedom to direct access to the roots. They can enhance performance, reliability, and optimization of the online site. Additionally, they can take regular backups, and install anti-virus software. 
  • Unmanaged dedicated server hosting plans are affordable. 
  • Large Companies with high manpower and IT technical experts can opt for unmanaged dedicated servers. 
  • Those who know how to maintain server including backups and optimizing sites can choose this option. 

How Managed Dedicated Server Better than Unmanaged Dedicated Server?

Focusing your business goal would be the first most priority to remain competitive and productive in this heavy competitive world. On establishing your online presence, picking a reliable and trustworthy host provider is essential to get rid of all your hosting worries. 

Without any doubt, a dedicated server is the most preferred hosting solution for all enterprise-level business. At the same time, you need to pick the managed dedicated hosting, instead of an unmanaged dedicated server to avail better performances. 

Here are the aspects, which enforce to choose managed dedicated hosting over unmanaged hosting

  • Better Server Monitoring 
  • Round a Clock Support from Host Provider
  • Enhanced Security Assistance
  • Automated Backups 

eWebGuru Offers Supreme Dedicated Server

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Based on the size of your business, you can opt for the most suitable service-hosting plan. Most of these are either on a managed or unmanaged dedicated server. Since you know what to expect in each of those, you can opt for the plan suits you the most. 

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