How to buy Silver Jewellery?

Silver is one of the luxurious metals along with gold, platinum and palladium. It has been there since 3000 BC and has a high value. Along with other metals, silver is also very valuable. It is known or its beautiful colour and pliability. Silver is not as precious as gold, but its lustre adds more beauty to the metal. If you are looking to buy jewellery for yourself or to gift someone, it’s probably a very good idea. Nothing says you are more precious than silver. Apart from fashion and jewellery, silver also has several other benefits. It’s used in the medical field, has many anti-bacterial properties and is also an excellent conductor of electricity.


What type of Silver do you want to buy?

  1. Sterling Silver

This type of silver is an alloy with 92% silver, and the rest is copper and other metals. If you are looking to buy silver rings for women, this is a great choice. The composition of 92% silver makes this type very durable and gives a high-quality standard. It is a very strong variety of silver that was discovered in around 1300. If you want to check if a silver jewellery piece is a genuine sterling silver metal, check for the hallmark.

Also, if you are worried that the silver won’t last that long, you are wrong! This is a very long-lasting metal that can be easily repaired for scratches on the surfaces. It can also be polished to a shining surface in no time.


  1. Fine Silver

This is the closest to pure form of silver with 99% silver, and the rest are traces of other elements. Even though it is the purest form of silver, it is not a very strong metal. It can be used for silver earrings and pendants, but not for rough use.


  1. Silver Plated

This is similar to a gold plated metal. It is made of an alloy of copper and other metals. It has much less value than other types of silver.


Tips for buying Silver jewellery


  1. Talk to the Seller

If you are buying it from an actual store, it’s easier to talk to the seller and clear your doubts. You can ask for the authenticity of the silver jewellery and look for certain markings. But, if you are buying silver jewellery online, you need to look for the markings carefully as well. A genuine buyer will already display the markings, and the experts can also help you with your questions. Stay away from websites with little or no information at all. It’s better to write your questions down and get the answers before you make a purchase.


  1. Look for All their Jewellery Pieces

Whether you want to buy silver-studded earrings or a bracelet, go through their entire product list and catalogue before coming down to a decision. Make sure they all have the markings and are genuine. Sometimes online pictures could be deceptive, but make sure you ask for more pictures if you want to make a purchase. Check the piece from all angles if possible.

  1. Check for the Return Policy

Most online stores will have a very flexible return policy. Sometimes we don’t end up liking the product or the gift. For example, if you bought a ring for your partner and they were expecting something else, it’s probably a good idea to return or exchange it. Before you make a purchase, make sure you read their entire return and exchange policy. You don’t want to get into an awkward situation where your partner doesn’t like, but you have paid a hefty price for it.

The trend of buying silver jewellery online is increasing every day. You can opt from a variety of options, compare the prices, talk to the experts and also receive genuine products if you buy from the right website.


But what do you do if your silver is tarnished?


  1. Get a silver jewellery cleaner

Use a soft cloth with a few drops of the cleaner and rub it a few times on the silver surface. This will remove the tarnishing form your precious metal and bring back the lustre.

  1. Use a Silver Polishing Cloth

Rub this cloth back and forth on the silver piece. Avoid cleaning it in circles as it could bring permanent scratches on your silver. Keep this cloth handy and use it often to clean the silver surface.

  1. Have your Jewellery Cleaned by a Professional

A professional would never fail to make your silver jewellery shiny again. Take it to a jeweler you trust and keep your silver long-lasting.

  1. Buy a Silver Dip

A silver dip is good to remove the scratches and other damage from your silver jewellery. Ask your jeweler about this dip and know its proper usage.

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