How you can Invigorate your Personal corner with Miniature Indian Paintings?

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A miniature painting is striking handmade Indian artwork, which is quite flamboyant piece of art but small in size. The main highlight of these paintings is the elaborate and subtle brushwork, which imparts them an inimitable identity.

The pigments are made from natural resources, including minerals, vegetables, precious and semi-precious stones, azure, conch shells, gold and silver. The most common motif created by the artisans in Miniature Indian paintings mainly comprise of the Ragas i.e., the melodic codes of Indian traditional music. There were numerous miniature schools of art in the nation, including Mughals, Rajputs and the Deccan.

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Through this post, we shall learn about how you can jazz up your personal spaces by pinning up miniature Indian paintings. Before we know different ways to decorate home walls with miniature paintings, let’s try to know the origination of this form of art.

History of Miniature Painting in India

The evolution of Indian Miniatures paintings took place first in the Western Himalayas, dating back in 17th century. These forms of Indian artwork were vastly swayed by the mural paintings that came into being in the later half of the 18th century. During the Mughals era, Muslim monarchs of the Deccan and Malwa as well as the Hindu Rajas of Rajasthan, this art thrived to a great extent. In fact, the Mughals were liable for presenting Persian custom in the Miniature Indian paintings. Thanks to the western influence that attributed to the Muslim monarchs.

Schools of Miniature Indian paintings

The various schools of the Miniature Indian paintings mainly comprises of:

  • Pala School
  • Orissa School
  • Jain School
  • Mughal School
  • Rajasthani School
  • Nepali School

These schools were the outcomes of glasshouse farming that was majorly practiced over generations. The most primitive examples of the Indian Miniature Indian artwork are those connected to the Pala School around 11th century. Artists during this era put more emphasis on the symbolic use of pigments in artwork.

The Jain School of Miniature Indian paintings highlighted this style. The inimitable features of this school include use of bold and pure colors, trendy women images, dense gold shapes, and lessening of clothing to pointed segments, inflated eyes and rectangular-shaped hands.

Ways to decorate your home walls with miniature Indian artwork:

Believe or not, you will come across a plethora of options online. Browse through different art galleries and try to pick out a painting that complements your room color and theme. Since these paintings are created on small cloth, you can decorate these rare paintings in groups provided you have enough empty space on the wall. In case, you want to decorate them on walls with small width then don’t go for group thing as it will not look good aesthetically.

In few words:

The growing numbers of online art galleries these days have made it possible for art collectors to purchase favorite Indian paintings with a click of a button. It’s just a matter of few minutes. So browse through online art galleries and purchase miniature painting of your choice.

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