Indian Athletes Deserve Spaces on Front

In this brick-and-mortar world of sports controversies, having the channels of communications are far than essential for every stakeholder associated with these ventures. In a country like India particularly, where some people try to use these communication platforms for their own goodwill, showing the actual reality is the best way to make players feel happy. These such issues knock the doors of Talking Turkey, where Kanthi D Suresh, along with pundits of sports, tries to frame the actual reality in the mind of people. All motivation of these types of features shows to fans that the room of development is required to stop the lamentable sports scam. In every filed, knocking over every blade of grass is required in order to make the field bigger and better. Indeed, media play a great role in helping from the power of the fourth pillar to produce the best outcomes from daily sports controversies. Other than covering the things related to the economy, talking and getting the best results from the world of games hold the power to make athletes feeling happy for being part of society.

Sansarpur is a small village in Punjab. This tiny area had produced best of the best players in hockey for India before the arrival of the artificial surface.  However, at the moment, the picture is completely different. Hockey is still alive and active at the location, but characters and the young cannons are not getting active support from everywhere. These kinds of things should be talked, discussed and presented to the masses for the betterment of the society. Sports scam and other things are the biggest situations for the growing future of players. Many of the coming stars don’t have quality grounds to play on, forget about meal plans and all. After not having all these facilities, the minds of people move towards the wrong directions and many times, these objects end with the killing approach of their career. Sports followers such as Kanthi D Suresh, Himanshu Chaturvedi and others have been trying to show the world actual talking turkey but seeing the support from every corner will make the things bigger and better. The picture of six one and half a dozen of the other is going to stay in the minds of many because of not having a clear picture to showcase.  There are several types of Sports Controversies. However, in India, the newsmakers prefer to show the game-related activities of their beloved stars, not regarding the grassroots.

Some might say that newsmakers show what people want to see. They are fully accurate. Still, taking the job of changing the minds of people can make the dead ashes alive in the world of sports. Sansarpur has been trying to give its best from many years but not having the ample amount of backing from every angle is biting the landscape of the Indian games.  There are many villages like Sansarpur in India. All of them should be covered for giving the smooth best to the fans, who may become the leaders of inspiration in the coming future. 

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