Is it possible to reduce breast size with the treatment?

Having huge breasts can be a literal pain for many women, causing neck and shoulders problems and damage the body structure. If you would like nothing more than, to get smaller and lighter chests, you can find a way with surgery. Many of the peoples try breast reducing pills, creams, natural ingredients where they may not get results. To overcome these problems breast reduction treatment in ludhiana came up with experienced doctors for breast treatment.

Who needs breast reduction treatment?

  • Anyone with breasts disproportionally large to the extent.
  • When the breast size interferes with deep breathing that may affect the lungs of insufficient air.
  • Large breasts can cause too much sweating around the breast area and rubbing of skin causes mild injury.
  • If the patient finds it difficult to fit her clothes properly.

How breast reduction method work?

Breast reduction treatment is currently the only safe and effective way to get smaller breasts. During the treatment, it involves anesthesia, incisions where the patients agree it is worth to do. The breast reduction treatment in ludhiana gives the following benefits.

  • You can choose how much size you needed- smaller breasts can be achieved with the help of a plastic surgeon, where it looks natural to your body proportions and meets your expectations.
  • You will get a breast lift at the same time- Breast reduction reduces the extent and reshapes, raising the nipple and addressing significant breasts to create a beauty pleasing breast all around.
  • One and done procedure- excess skin, fat cells are removed during treatment will not come back as long as you maintain a healthy and stable weight.

Types of breast reduction methods

  • Free nipple graft- it involves removing your nipple and grafting it to the new location. Where the doctor eliminate tissues while your nipple is off, and then grafts the nipple back to the original position.
  • Liposuction- involves injection and removal of tissue.
  • Pedicle method-involves making a circular incision around the dark area that surrounds the nipple to remove breast tissue.
  • Anchor incision- with an incision that runs from the areola to the bottom of your breast. This known has anchor incision.

These methods are used in breast reduction treatment in Ludhiana for the peoples who are suffering from larger breasts.

How much time does it take for recovery after the treatment?

After the treatment, most patients can go to their homes, as long as they do not experience any complications around the breast area. Before they leave the hospital or clinic, they need to get doctor specific instructions that cover what types of oral and topical medications can help decrease distress and prevent infections. Those who undergo the treatment for breast reduction needs plenty of rest while their breasts heal. Patient should avoid any movements that might stretch the chest muscles or tear. They have difficulty in lifting their arms during the first couple of weeks, so they may want to ask a close family member or friend to help them during this time. Patients should avoid heavy lifting for several weeks or until a doctor removes their stitches.

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