Pain and side effects of Stanozolol Injection

Stanozolol injection is basically a performance enhancer product known for its benefits to the users all around the world. Many bodybuilders prefer it for increasing their performance and getting solid muscle mass. Winstrol depot’ is the inectable form of Stanozolol and available in tablet forms. In this article you would come to know about the side effects and various pains associated with the stanozolol injections.

There are many benefits of using Stanozolol injection to the users. It helps the sports athletes in getting build muscle, get stronger and increase acceleration. It also helps in recovering faster from the injury easily. It is not only restricted to sprinting and bodybuilding.

You should remember that the oral tablet form of stanozolol is less effective than an injection. The professional sports athletes’ majority always inject stanozolol for this reason. It is not oil based like other products and it is water based. This clearly means that stanozolol has short lives which shorten the time between injections. The stanozolol injections stay in the muscles of the users for a lesser time and this also help in increasing its effectiveness easily.


The stanozolol injection cycle dosage is 50mg for the users. Users should follow the dosage level to decrease the side effects or no side effects at all. There are some side effects related with the stanozolol injection and you should be aware of it before using it.

The side effects could include high cholesterol, muscle pain and low testosterone. This is a mild compound and you can avoid these side effects by following the suitable dosage level for yourself. The physical condition, dosage amount and genetics would play a vital role in how you would be reacting to stanozolol. There are actually some users exists who are not getting any type of side effects at all.

There is a serious side effect which can be occur is the possibility of high cholesterol. You should pay attention to the healthy life style and rich diet. Make sure you are including lean proteins, fresh vegetables and an exercise regimen which include cardio workouts in your daily schedule. It would help you a lot in getting good effects and you wouldn’t face any side effects at all. You should check your cholesterol level carefully at the time of using this stanozolol.

In some cases, stanozolol injection can give you liver damage. So, users suffering from the liver problems shouldn’t use it under any circumstances. You can also read the online user reviews to know more about it. By reading the user reviews, you would have clear cut information relating to the product and would be really helpful to you for the future.

There are some things which need to be avoided completely before taking this product. You should avoid over the counter medication and also taking alcohol at the time of taking this product. Women can also get side effects like body hair growth or a deeper voice or enlargement of the sex organs.

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