Planning for a road trip? Have a look on road trip travel insurance


The tourism sector in India is one of the fastest developing areas in the country, having a GDP contribution of $234.03 billion. Road travel is gaining immense popularity among the youth of the nation, as more and more people are undertaking such trips periodically. However, such journeys come with their own associated set of risks, which might put a dent in the vacation. You can avail a road trip travel insurance policy to avail assistance in case you are stuck in any such unforeseen circumstances.

Benefits of opting for such insurance policy can be discussed as follows –

  1. Emergency transportation assistance

Any problems arising due to a technical breakdown of car or bike can lead to significant difficulties at an unknown location. In such cases, insured individual contacts his/her insurance aggregator for immediate assistance. A team would be disbursed to solve such problems instantaneously.

Complimentary benefits such as towing assistance, call assistance in case of mechanical breakdown of car/bike, battery jumpstart requirements etc. are also available on specific travel destinations. For example, Bajaj Finserv provides Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions such as Mumbai-Pune-Goa Road Trip Cover.

  1. Immediate card blocking

Theft or misplacement of wallet/purse during transit can be extremely troubling. Digital cards in such cases have aggravated consequences, as chances of fraudulent usage are high.  With such a road trip insurance, you can easily block all such cards misplaced through one remote phone call to the helpline number of the respective financial institution.

You can additionally avail Wallet Care Cover along with such travel insurance product for a more comprehensive range of benefits in the event of such misplacements, such as –

  • Emergency travel assistance through cash advances.
  • PAN card replacement.
  • SIM card blocking to prevent fraudulent usage of digital cards.
  • Coverage in case of financial loss due to phishing.
  1. Advances to meet any accommodation problems

A Road Trip Travel Insurance Policy offered by Bajaj Finserv with its suite of Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions provides cash advances to individuals with cancelled hotel bookings made at a prior date. Such facilities are beneficial in case an individual has problems getting appropriate accommodation facilities at the travel destination.

For example, Mumbai to Pune road trip insurance plans will provide assistance with hotel reservations in case of cancelled bookings due to unforeseen situations.

  1. Insurance policy benefits

In case an individual possessing such insurance plan meets with an accident on the trip, hospitalisation expenses and other medical costs are borne by the chosen non-banking financial corporation. Immediate evacuation facility is also present under such insurance plans.

Major financial institutions such as Bajaj Finserv also include one-year travel safe membership coverage, having several added benefits alongside the above mentioned features. Individuals are entitled to claim coverage valued up to the cost of 5 litres of fuel in case of car travel, and 2 litres in case of bike/scooter respectively.

Availing domestic travel insurance is economical and hassle-free, as it can be done online at nominal premium charges. Only KYC documents such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, Driver’s license, etc. has to be submitted, along with proof of premium payment to activate the membership. You can easily claim coverage on such insurance plans as well, by sending an online claim form and proof of requirement of emergency assistance.

The tourism sector in India is expected to be worth $8 billion by 2020. In tune with this growing sector, individuals are availing more such travel insurance policies than before for necessary financial coverage against a myriad of mishaps which may happen.

Having road trip travel insurance policy reduces both financial and mental strain on travellers, allowing them to enjoy their vacation. Assistance can be availed at any time regarding any sort of difficulty; thereby ensuring individuals are not in a constant alert situation.

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