Rising Significance of Employment History Verification

Employment background verification is indispensable for successful operation of any business. Job applicants may lie on their resume to cover up previous employment problems, and even periods of captivity that they perceptibly do not want to disclose same thing when they are applying for a new position in any company. In order to ensure smooth business continuity you would be obliged not only by decree, but with integrity, to always keep your eyes peeled so that you don’t hire any candidate can harm any other employee working in your company as well as your business revenue as a whole.

Your third party verification practice basically helps businesses in detecting any deceitful dates of employment offered, any overstatement of designation or job responsibilities held and the likelihood of contrived employers being baptized. Why does this actually happen? Why do some job applicants think that it is quite essential to present fake things in their resumes or CVs in this way? It is, in fact, not all that exceptional, and there have been some noticeable incidences that came into light in recent past.

s21Let’s run through some of the key reasons behind why candidates tend to fabricate their documents and how businesses can avoid the same by outsourcing third party verification services.

A very common purpose for testifying false periods of employment with any particular organisation is to hide the fact that they have been sacked due to inappropriate behavior, vehemence to other employees or embezzlement. Therefore, it is imperative that you get third party verification done about these applicants; chances are their previous employers might be disinclined to provide information to you that could specify them to have been inattentive in selection procedure. Sometimes only a specialized agent can help in finding the truth behind any of these situations.

Another reason not to reveal the period of conviction is to find employment quickly without much complication involved. After all, who doesn’t want to start afresh? Hence, it is quite easier to provide experience certificate of any fictitious employer or maybe extend the previous employment duration. However, all these can be quickly detected with the help of third party verification services.

Apart from this, you need to ask questions related to reason behind job change from the candidate. This can even be verified through third party verification services. These call centres agents call the previous company HR department and try to enquire the details furnished by the candidate, such as reason behind leaving, tenure of employment, salary and behavioral conduct. This way you can get clear idea about how the candidate been in the previous company.

One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that while interviewing if you are finding that candidate is giving doubtful statements then you don’t need to hire them straight away. Rather seek assistance of third party verification services providers as they can only help in finding out the accurate details about the job applicant. They have a team of highly expert professionals who with right knowledge of the industry and connections with right sources helps them in finding correct details about the new hire.

Sometimes in order to get higher position candidates do furnish fake experience letter and show that have in seniority position for a specific time frame and they tend to exaggerate their previous employment. As per the estimate there are numerous of recorded instances wherein candidates for senior positions presented fake information in their resumes in a smart manner. And companies after offering the position to the application found the truth later on. This type of misrepresentation is imprudent because sooner or later the lack of skill will be evident. However, you can save yourself from such experience simply by outsourcing third party verification services.

You must always ensure that you conduct a thorough employee background check on all applicants to whom you are thinking of offering a job via third party verification services. It is always wise to take all precautionary steps to circumvent slipshod recruitment, and failing to perform employment history corroboration checks is considered as employment casualness.

If any applicant declines to fill the release form, then make it a point that you don’t hire them. The same goes provided if preceding employers decline to provide complete employment history of the candidate, and in such circumstances you must notify the applicant why they are not being selected for the job applied.


Hope above mentioned points make certain aspects about third party verification services clear to you. These days growing number of forgery cases have actually made it quite important for businesses to undertake third party verification of new employee. Focus on your business core competencies by outsourcing third party verification services.

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