The definitive guide to choosing the best electric water heater

If you follow some simple guidelines that are indicated below, choosing the best electric heater is not a difficult task. You must ensure that you have to buy the best electric water heater for you that mean you have to be very clear about your needs. The electric water heaters heat the water by means of electrical resistance, without producing combustion, accumulating it in the boiler.

When you install an electric heater, just plug it into the mains and you should not worry about it, since its resistance is responsible for heating the water. It is not necessary to disconnect it when the water is hot since when the water temperature drops, the resistance is put into operation to keep the water at the assigned temperature. The time in which the electric heater is operating varies greatly depending on the capacity of the heater and resistance power.

Guidelines to choose the best electric geyser

  • Electric water heater boiler capacity
  • The electric heater heats the water in the tank.
  • The greater the tank’s capacity and equal resistance, the greater the consumption and the time it takes to heat the water.
  • Just as you have already found out, choosing the electric heater capacity that best suits your needs is very important, since it will depend on the consumption and the time it takes to reheat the water.
  • To know the capacity of your electric water heater, you have to calculate the hot water you use in your home per day.
  • As a base you can start from the fact that a person usually consumes an average of 30 to 40 liters of hot water on average.

Where are you going to install the electric water heater?

  • Choosing the right place to place the best water heaters is also a basic decision.
  • Ideally, place it as close as possible to where the hot water will be used.
  • The wall where you hold the water heater must be able to support three times the weight of the full heater.
  • It is necessary to leave a space of about 50 centimeters between the wall and the electric water heater, to have access to all the components and to carry out revisions later without difficulty.
  • The electric water heater can be placed horizontally or vertically, depending on models.
  • The vertical position is the most recommended for heating the water.
  • The horizontal position is recommended for sites with low height and where it cannot be installed vertically.

Type of water entering the electric heater

  • Before buying an electric water heater, you should be informed of the type of water in your place of residence.
  • I mean that if the water has high lime content, what is known as hard water, or on the contrary it is soft water.
  • This leads to choosing an electric water heater that carries one type of resistance or another.
  • Sheathed ceramic resistances better withstand lime action, as they are more protected.
  • They take longer to heat the water by not being in direct contact with it.
  • In contrast, submerged armored resistors heat water faster, but are more sensitive to the action of hard water.

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