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Blueberry Illustrations are a well-renowned illustration company that would provide you some of the best illustrations for your children’s book. Children book illustration is not any typical illustration. We need to illustrate the work based on how children mind work and think. There must be a lot of pictures and motifs which give wings to children’s creativity. They are more attracted towards visuals instead of words. The story telling aspect also needs to be considered. Here is the thought process that you should consider when you start with the best children book illustration.

Consider the story

You should start thinking about the story and then work towards how you could get it illustrated into picture format. Maybe you can start up with pictures from google images. Think of a situation and then start searching pictures from google pertaining to that. This will help you narrate your vision to the illustrator. Think of the age group of children you are targeting through your book as illustration of your book would vary with that. 

Select the theme for your story book illustrations

Search for different book styles on the internet. Most of the illustrators have published these styles. You can see and get ideas for your vision board for your book. This will help you decide the style when you visit one of the illustrators for your book illustrations. Blueberry has 26 such styles listed on their website. They have worked to publish more than 500 children books so far for different authors and publishers and these 26 styles are exhaustive. You can choose at least three styles from the internet which goes with your vision of the book.

Pick your illustrator

There are several Top children’s book illustrators available in the market. Before picking one, try to search for their previous work. Also get reviews of their work from people who have already worked with them. Try to also consider their costing and work style to know will they suit your pocket and time limits. Blueberry is quite an affordable illustrator who has done a lot of work in this area. You can visit their website to see their body of work and read what their customers have to say about them. If required they can also provide you reference of people for whom they have worked for.

Process of Illustration

The author usually divides his story and gives it to the Blueberry illustration team. Sketch 1 is done first and all the characters and general look and feel is approved in sketch 1 only. Once sketch 1 is done, remaining pencil sketches are done. The pencil sketches Blueberry do are fair and not rough. However, they are open to modifications during this phase, but changes of descriptions are not done at this stage. Once the illustrations are complete, you need to see that the whole book is well integrated in terms of its illustrations and have a continuous flow to it. This needs to be judged by you as a customer very minutely as this could make or break the deal for your readers in the long term.

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