Want to Get rid of Man Boobs? Consult with the best Surgeon

Gynecomastia or Male breast reduction surgery is performed to reduce excess body fat around male chest region. The excess fat around male chest is an embarrassment for males as they end up looking like female breasts and thus called Man boobs in most cultures.

Now most men will feel embarrassed if they have to walk around with a chest with excess fat drooping down like females and they are using shy of lifting their shirt off in front of strangers, partners and friends while indulging in activities like swimming, bathing, Gym etc.

However ,they need not worry now as Gynecomastia Treatment have come with many advancements in technology and machinery thus making the treatment very successful, painless, quick with fast recovery.

There are many modern machines for melting down fat cells and nowadays our team of doctors recommends removing fat glands from the chest in moderation for long lasting and permanent results with best shape retention, body damage and side effects.

Firstly, when you are opting for latest Gynecomastia treatments, don’t expect perfection. You may or may not get the body and chest of the dreams in one sitting or operation. Sometimes it may require 2-3 rounds of surgery to get that perfectly chiseled chest which you see of male models.

One of the most common techniques used for reduction of fat cells and subcutaneous fat tissue in male chest is lioposcution. It’s a minimally invasive technique that removes fat from chest, arms, thighs, abdomen and other parts of the body. The patient is given local anesthesia for numbness of the body area being treated and administration of adrenaline to constrict blood vessels and prevent loss of blood during the operation.

Then one of the various methods is being administered like Suction, Vibration, Laser, Ultrasonic or Vapor assisted liposuction or water-jet stream.

Not all the fat is removed in chest area in one go, some of the fat is left behind for contouring. Some portion of the fat glands in chest is removed to give better definition and lasting results. However, that too has to be done in moderation to prevent post surgery depression in chest also called saucer deformity. The fat is been differentially removed from upper and lower chest by more fat extraction done in lower part of the chest to maintain harmony and natural contour.

Our doctors perform advanced incision based methods for fat extraction for less pain and recovery time and prevent any visible scarring with the help of fine instruments.

Then we apply 3d liposuction techniques that give more muscular look to chest area and give chiseled look and give definition the chest with ideal curves.

Therefore if you are looking for the chest of your dreams you should consult our highly experienced surgeon who is been performing latest gynecomastia treatments on regular basis and book an appointment. We will go through your case and provide you best suggestions, pre and post operative instructions, medications and guide you on the surgical process which will help you gain the muscular and chiseled chest of your dreams.

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