What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is one of the types of Quartz. It is also known as the 6th anniversary gemstone. It is the birthstone of February.

The chakras that are for the amethyst stone are Third eye chakra and crown chakra. It helps in balancing the chakras of the wearer. The zodiac sign for the amethyst stone is Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. These zodiacs are the most benefited wearer among all. The amethyst has the mystical powers and astrological benefits.

The amethyst stone is also called as a sober stone because it helps in staying the wearer sober and clean. For those who are heavily involved in the bad habit of drinking then, this stone is best to control the drinking habit. Amethyst stone also has the religious value and in the Christian church it is worn by the bishop as a ring.

Does the amethyst stone, benefit the wearer?

The amethyst stone has the immense astrological powers that benefit the wearer in many ways. This February birthstone holds the immense positive energy that is transferred to the wearer. Following are the benefits of the amethyst stone:

  1. Amethyst is also called as a sober stone, so it helps in controlling the drinking habit of the wearer. It releases the energy that involves the wearer in creative works keeping them away from the alcohol products.
  2. The main advantage of the amethyst stone is to balance the chakras. It helps in balancing the crown and other chakras of the wearer. So, the amethyst stone is the one that takes cares of the position of the stars for the fortune and opportunities for the wearer.
  3. The amethyst gemstone is the healer stone. It helps in healing the emotional and physical stress. The energy released from the stone helps in healing the emotional and physical breakdowns. In many spiritual cases, it helps in the healing of the soul.
  4. It is the best stone for the meditation and recreation. During meditation, keep this stone close to your body and feel the ultimate calm and peace in mind. The amethyst stone has the unique energy that drives the mind and soul of the wearer to the ultimate peace.
  5. Amethyst stone creates the romantic environment for the couples. It helps in gaining the good relation in the family and makes it last till eternity.
  6. Amethyst is the stone that has held the immense spiritual energy. It helps in raising the spirit level to higher dimensions. It connects the human soul with the divine energy of the spiritual energy. It acts as the bridge to connect the divine power with the spirits.
  7. This stone also has the great positive effect in the health of the wearer. By wearing this stone, you can be highly preventive towards the viral bacteria’s and infections. It helps in curing the chronic aches and pains in back and chronic headaches. Using the amethyst gemstone in the necklace helps in curing the throat problems and other respiratory tract infections.
  8. The different colored amethyst has different guardian angels. Following is the color respective to the guardian angels:


Date of Birth

January 16 – Jan 20

Color of amethyst

Dark Amethyst

Guardian Angel


February 15 – February 19 Amethyst Manake
February 25 – February 29 Amethyst Habuhian
April 26 – April 30 Amethyst Cahatel
July 17 – July 22 Dark Amethyst Hahaiah
Sept 18 – Sept 23 Violet Menadel
Oct 29 – Nov 2 Lt Amethyst Ielahiah
Nov 23 – Nov 27 Amethyst Vahuel

How to Take care of the Amethyst gemstone?

As the amethyst is expensive gemstone, so it must be cared properly to make it shine forever. The power of the amethyst should be preserved properly, so it must be cleaned frequently.

For cleaning, the stone, you should strictly avoid the radiation cleaning. The radiation destroys the crystals and dulls it shines. You can simply clean the stone with warm water, soap and dry cloth. The chemicals that are used in daily household cleaning damages the stone. So, while cleaning the dishes and cleaning the clothes, you should always take off the amethyst ring. By following these steps, you will be able to retain the shine and beauty of the amethyst stone forever.

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