What is blockchain community india

Introduction to Blockchain community of India

Blockchain Community is a collaboration of domain experts and technocrats to tap into potential technologies like AI and Blockchain can bring into the 11 traditional businesses that they have chosen for their initial initiative – healthcare sector, education sector, banking, and finance sector, utility and e-commerce sector, hospitality sector, information technology sector, supply chain sector, in online payments popularly known as payment gateway.

Business Model of Blockchain community of India

The business model that the blockchain community of India has adopted is also unique. It allows a decentralized board where the investors are in full control of their investments. They can choose the projects where they wish to invest and whether they wish to invest the principal amount or just the interest they are earning through it while keeping the principal amount intact. Another way where anybody can be part of this growing company is through their wallet. You simply must deposit the amount into their wallet and earn interest in this deposited amount. While the amount is still available for you to spend through their wallet at any retail store. So, you can also become their partner without investing a single rupee into their venture, simply by downloading and using their wallet.

Blockchain as a technology

Blockchain is an advanced technology that allows a decentralized ledger system to avoid any kind of double booking. This task is usually carried out by a banker in any financial institution so that you cannot again use the money that you have already spent. But they charge a transaction fee for it. However, blockchain automates it and thus makes it free for use. Apart from this, this decentralized system also provides a very strong and secure system where nobody can alter the documents without the people knowing about it. Hence it promises a transparent and tamper-proof system where no one can alter the information. Another very good property of this technology is that you can see all the documents, but the identity of the owner is never revealed. This hence helps keep the digital footprints to the minimum.

Current Projects that are being run by blockchain community of India

Blockchain is finding new prospects in almost every industry due to its unmatchable properties. And this is what the blockchain community of India is also trying to build upon. They have built various use cases for their initial 11 traditional businesses and are working with technocrats to get them implemented so that they can bring value to these 11 traditional businesses. Apart from Blockchain, they have also focused on artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence again promises a plethora of opportunities in the world of Businesses. They will process the huge amount of data that will be generated through an evolving connected world and will help bring useful information out of it. The amount of data these days the connected world is generating is out of the capacity of humans to process. However artificial intelligence-based systems will have this potential and they will be able to process this information at much higher speed and agility. They will also think like humans do and process this raw data like humans to give out information.

Unmatchable Business and Profit opportunities that Blockchain Community of India brings to its investors

There are great potential and profitable business opportunities in the world of these two technologies. And the Blockchain community of India is only an Indian firm that is trying to tap these two in the world of Technology. This even has various use cases in the government sector. Slowly and gradually, the blockchain community of India will also work to tap into these government projects and bring value and profit opportunities to its investors. The blockchain community India  allow the establishment of personal and close relationships between the members of its community so that they can collaborate and if they wish can jointly invest in a single project. Projects that have more partners investing is sure to be a success because so much effort and investment goes into it. It helps represent the common interest of its investors and board members and help them represent their views and ideas openly in a welcoming environment.

Other areas where the blockchain community of India is working

It also helps in consultation and provision of technical evaluation of its projects or any new idea as proposed by its investors. It helps conduct the feasibility study of the project before starting it so that the investors make an informed decision about their investment and never have to face any losses. It also helps establish various hackathons and technical competitions to leverage new talent and tap into the technical expertise that lies in the market. Helps with the exchange of new ideas and technical expertise in addition to domains. It also works towards providing technical expertise to young specialists and helps them work into their projects to gain experience and expertise.

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