Why Home Services Startups Are On A Roll in India Right Now

Most startups begin with a single idea that often appears absurd initially. India has seen the launch, struggle, survival and thriving of several startups in the recent past. These ideas were laughed at when they were first mooted but have gone on to become famous, household names. A good percentage of Indian startups taste a fair degree of success because the core idea is rooted in practicality and the business model generally work because they are based on the concept of finding a need and fulfilling it.

Conditions Are Ideal For Innovation and Risk-Taking

Home service is an idea that’s catching up rapidly. It’s a service that everyone needs and in every day of their life. Easy access to verified hyperlocal services can make life easy in many ways. Whether you are looking for a beauty service in Noida or a car mechanic in Delhi, you just have to go online and find one within minutes.

India is attracting business investments worth billions of dollars from global VC and PE firms as it is right now the best-performing emerging market. The last few years have been stellar time for Indian startups, as the B2C space blossomed with many new and innovative business ideas.

Indian startup success stories emerge from the fact that almost all factors that contribute to the success of a start-up are now available in abundance in the country. We have some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs with the ability to take risks and venture into areas of businesses that a dyed-in-the-blue conventional businessman would dare not touch with a barge pole.

Converting Ideas into Brands

New generation Indian entrepreneurs are willing to dream big and take the necessary risks to shape that dream into a business plan. There are many high risk, high reward new age businesses that have been launched in recent years which have gone on to become huge successes. India has also seen established corporate executives giving up their cushy jobs to join the start-up army to fuel their entrepreneurial spirit. The mindset has changed dramatically among Indian entrepreneurs who are now unwilling to stop at anything and are passionate about converting their big idea into the next big business brand.

Till just a couple of years ago, the thought of hyperlocal services would have been improbable, especially in Tier II cities. Hyperlocal services works on the idea of instant satisfaction. Taking this idea beyond the metros looked like a bad business model that has failure written all over it primarily because of the relatively slower pace of life, reluctance to use technology and of course, poor internet penetration. The idea of a college going girl looking top beauty service in Noida on the web seemed like an idea far well ahead of its times a couple of years ago but no more.

Hyperlocal Services Are Clearly the Next Big Thing in B2C Marketing

The amazing startup boom that India has been witnessed over the past few years has encouraged some daring entrepreneurs to venture into these largely untapped markets. The results are just beginning to show. Hyperlocal services are thriving because these enterprising entrepreneurs have spent time understanding the market and in devising unique strategies for each city. This idea has proved to be a master stroke.

Most Tier II markets in India remains untapped as far as hyperlocal services are concerned. But there is a growing demand for such services because every household will need a plumber, carpenter, car mechanic or home cleaner at some time or the other. By giving customers access to verified and professional hyperlocal services, businesses are filling in a need that was waiting to be fulfilled.

Yojini.com is one of the fastest growing hyperlocal service providers. The Noida-based startup was founded in July 2015 by Gurudev Singh, a mechanical engineer from MIT Manipal with 15 years of experience in serial entrepreneurship. The startup is an internet space for home and personal services and aims to bring all overlooked local services on one user-friendly platform.

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