3 Steps for Burning Belly Fat Quickly

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The abdomen is one of the areas of our body that more tends to accumulate fat as a result of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Once the fat is located in that area is very difficult to eliminate and it is necessary to completely change the habits of life to show a flat and beautiful abdomen. Eliminating abdominal fat is not easy and requires a lot of effort and discipline to have good results. If you are willing to take on a challenge to burn abdominal fat, do not miss the next 3 key steps to burn fat and look a flat belly quickly.

3 Steps to Getting a Flat Abdomen:

First Step: start your day with an exercise routine, a good diet, and water

For  no reason should you skip breakfast or be hungry, as this slows down the metabolism and makes it more difficult to eliminate fat.

Start the day with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon. Perform a half-hour cardiovascular workout routine. This may include running or jogging, cycling, jumping rope or dancing, among others. The idea is to start the exercise before breakfast because at this time you have not ingested calories and the body will use those calories that have accumulated as fuel. After the exercises, rest and eat a healthy breakfast rich in fiber. Follow more blog on my post such as the perfect guide to lose weight.

Step 2: The last food you eat per day

It is very important to eat something light for dinner, at least 3 hours before going to sleep. Eating before prevents the body from doing the digestion and this makes things heavier to the body.  While you sleep your metabolism is not as active as in the day and is not enough to burn calories. Therefore, it is best to eat something light, low in calories and ahead of time at bedtime.

third step: perform crunches

Without a doubt, one of the key points to burn abdominal fat is the realization of localized exercises like the abs. While you can leave them for after aerobic exercise, you can also do them at other times of the day. The key is to do several sessions of abdominal exercises in different series during the day. These exercises help you to burn abdominal fat, to tone and to get that much-desired abdomen. They have important benefits since they increase the metabolism and increase your daily caloric consumption.

How to do basic abdominal exercises?

With your back resting on a hard surface, place your hands behind your head, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Taking that position, get up slowly using your abdominal muscles as you press the lower part of your back against the floor. Then slow down, taking in air, and repeat the process 20 to 25 times, with 90-second breaks between sets.

Try to complete 2 or 3 more, from 20 to 25 sets. It is very important to feel the pressure on the abdominals and not on the neck. If the pain is felt in the neck or back it means that the posture is badly adopted. You should feel that you are working the muscles of your abdomen, especially when you lack 5 abs in each series. If you’re not used to doing sit-ups, start with 10 and increase them gradually until you get the recommended amount. You should not overdo it with your abs, as your body gets tired and you will not get the same benefits.

Good to remember!

Although these three steps are essential to achieving a flat and fat-free abdomen, it is important to note that it should be supplemented with a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, and water. In fact, for best results, you can look for shakes or infusions that help you burn abdominal fat.

As you see, getting abs is not impossible and just requires a lot of perseverance and patience. Keep in mind that the results are not immediate and that you must be consistent with your routines and good habits to achieve the desired results. Best of all, these three simple steps will also help you improve your quality of life and feel healthier.


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