4 Exciting places to try Goan cuisine

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If you’re prepared to become a part of the hip and happening Goan crowd, then the beach state is the place to be. Famous for its phenomenal parties, Goa is known for its cuisine too. A haven for seafood and Konkani cuisine, Goa’s restaurant are known for stirring some amazing tastes that lingers for long. Let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants in the beach state.


What’s the that one thing which conjoins your holiday satisfaction? That particular thing which you can only rave about, long after coming back? Yes, you thought it right, it’s the food of the place. The food adds or removes the smiles from your face when traveling, and when it’s right you’re left with some memorable experiences. Goa’s food scenario comprises of some of the best varieties and restaurants. With tourists flocking from domestic and international places, the restaurants in the beach state are equipped to offer the best hospitality. Almost every major airline offers Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore to Goa flights to reach the destination. Let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants in Goa.

  1. Amigos – Beautifully situated on the banks of Mandi river, Amigos charming ambience wins the heart the moment you step in. Serving home-cooked Goan food and sans luxurious settings, the restaurant is a great place to enjoy local flavours. Run by a couple, the restaurant serves fresh meat, and seafood with secret ingredients handed over generations. With rustic environment and great food, it is advisable to visit it during day time as evenings could be quite crowded.
  2. Bistro Villa Blanche – With great food and music as its USP, the Bistro Villa Blanche is a perfect place to spend a romantic outing with your partner. Located within an old Portuguese villa with a charming layout, the restaurant is situated in the village of Assagao and named after the owner of the villa, Ms. Blanche. The restaurant interiors consists of a lounge area with pillows for a more ‘laid back’ feel. The restaurant was originally initiated as a German Bakery and still you find some of the finest dishes from the country.
  3. Waterfront Terrace and Bar – Signifying its name, the Waterfront Terrace and Bar is actually located at the waterfront within the luxurious Marriott hotel. This five star restaurant is located overlooking the sea and known for its impeccable service. Perfect for an idyllic romantic dinner, the restaurant presents the best Indian, continental and Goan cuisines. A bit expensive, the restaurant’s hospitality is something to die for.
  4. Tuscany Gardens – Considered as one of the most romantic restaurants in Goa, the Tuscany Gardens is known for its Goan and fine Italian dining experience. Located on the Candolim Sinquerim road, the restaurant offers outdoor seating with huge trees on its boundaries cancelling the noise and huge lanterns on tables, creating a magical ambience of its own. Their pizzas and pastas are to die for, but if not familiar with the varieties going you can also go for Indian dishes.

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