5 Housewarming Gift Ideas That’ll Make You the Best Guest Ever

Housewarming Gift

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Passing on gifts – Isn’t this what most of us are used to doing? And it more often than not happens with housewarming gifts. Most of the times, some of us just don’t know what to give as a gift that will require putting few efforts and also look appropriate. After much thought we decide on passing forward our favorite showpiece that Anu aunty gave us last Diwali. Why do we waste time behind gifts that nobody is going to appreciate or value? Let us resolve today to give only those housewarming gifts that shall be treasured by the recipients.

And the one of the first gifts that comes to mind, one that is so exclusive that it wouldn’t get passed on at all, is Saregama’s Carvaan. It comes beautifully gift wrapped and once opened it shall be the star of the owners’ house. It has a retro look to it, just like its 5000 songs’ playlist. The songs fill the house with a nice positive melody changing the entire aura of the home. Starting the day with spiritual songs, and as the day proceeds happy and romantic songs keep the tempo right of the people in the house. And as evening draws on, ghazals by the masters grace the house and soft instrumentals help everyone get ready for tucking in for the night. And don’t be mistaken that the Carvaan plays only retro songs. It can play songs of every genre from every generation. It has a FM and a Bluetooth facility and also a USB port. The Carvaan comes in different models, Carvaan Gold andCarvaan Premium, to suit the recipient’s needs and liking. Every time the family uses Carvaan they’ll be thankful for receiving such a wonderful housewarming gift.

Another gift that almost always works is a beautiful Ganesha idol. Most people are more than happy to receive a Ganesha idol. And what’s the best part? They come in ample variety. You will find them in traditional forms as well as the more contemporary ones as well. They’re considered auspicious and bring good luck to the new house owners. You can buy idols for every budget; from the humble smaller ones to the more expensive ones. On the other hand, idols of other deities also makes for a good housewarming gift especially if the family is religious.

Yes, most of us no longer need a camera to carry along with us on our vacations. The need to have a great camera has been looked after by our technologically superior mobile phones. The camera app has many features like the night mode, landscape mode, portrait mode, depending on the phone that you’re using. Therefore there is an even stronger need than before to capture some of our favourite moments in print. This is exactly where a portable photo printer comes in handy. It allows us to print photos from the social media using a mobile phone. A Google search on the same would lead you to many options and you can select the one that suits you the best. Happy memories!

In this concrete world it would be refreshing to bring a little bit of green in the house. It adds life and character to a room. But since our lives are so fast paced it’d be efficient to have a green space that requires low maintenance. So the perfect solution to this dilemma is an indoor terrarium. They’re usually done with succulents and therefore do not require too much watering and looking after like the other plants. Pre-made terrariums are readily available in the market as well as online. Or if the recipient has a green thumb or simply enjoys gardening then DIY terrarium kits are also available online.

Though this list might be as long as the Nile, it’d be incomplete without the mention of kitchen appliances. It’s a new home and new appliances just add to the joy of it. Be it a simple pop-up toaster or a high-end blender, contrary to popular belief, kitchen appliances are gender neutral. The modern day man equally appreciates them as they simplify his morning routine. The appliances these days also come in a variety of shades so as to match most of the kitchens.

Aren’t these housewarming gifts so much better than that showpiece that lies around in the attic for years together till its time comes to be passed on? And beware: usually the recipients know what they are being given by whom so you might get a similar gift in return.


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