5 places to travel if you are adventure junkie

Adventure travel is for people who love seeking thrills. Travel enthusiasts or lonely travelers, consider adventure travel good for the human soul as it allows for a realistic travel experience where you meet the locales and know them, perhaps increase the fitness level with the chance to leave the worries behind. If you haven’t made up your mind, then the below destinations for the adventure junkie will surely fit the bill.

Travelling to adventure destinations can cost more. Therefore, it’s important for the adventure lovers to choice the economic travel destination.

Here’s a quick guide of the top 5 destinations:


The country offers 4 typical seasons which makes it a perfect option to enjoy long term adventure. The West coast offers coolest surfing spots while the East coast offers great skiing during the fall season. Your love for camping can be fulfilled at the Yosemite National Park which offers pleasant scenery to the visitors. Enjoy the scenic vistas with Jugnoo coupons. The backcountry camp can be considered along the trail, where it’s just you and the backpack. Pacific Crest Trail spread over 2,600 miles features beautiful scenery for stretched hiking.


Sea turtles, Gray whales and dolphins welcome you gracefully here. If you are a water lover, then head down south to Balmier for seeing the whales and viewing gray whales. Help weigh, release, tag the rare sea turtles. Mexico offers an amazing adventurous journey, where you can enjoy the perfect spot snorkeling to view thousands of lovely reef fish and do kayaking in the waters to see the dolphins.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers lush rainforests in plenty, abundant national reserves and parks which make it an ultimate spot for the adventure. To enjoy the family version of the holiday, you can consider visiting the zip lining, where in you may whiz across jungle canopy. Costa Rica offers the finest whitewater rafting in entire world.


Norway is proudly known for fjord and cliff diving which has become the rage among many travellers. Therefore, even the laid back visitors, with open-mindedness can love the wing base jumping. Gear up now to wear the wing suit and fly high like the bird. This may sound extreme for adventure mongers too. You can stay calm to continue the peaceful voyage with river boarding, kayaking, rafting and cliff jumping.

A true winter land of the snow-covered landscape in Norway and Sweden awaits you. If you love dogs, then go mushing over the huskies to sled across the snow, traverse ancient routes and traditional settlements having the majestic Norwegian mountains in the backdrop. There are many operators which feature this travel adventure, including the 4-8 day Nature travel for all the ages. In earlier times those who entered uninvited were executed instantly. Now you can explore it after making little payment and choose the best offers from Redbus coupons.

New Zealand  

There are various diving spots across the Northern and Southern Islands which can kick start your adventure by offering to see the rarest water creatures. The place boasts the best marine parks of the world. Well New Zealand also offers economical travel options to go easy on the wallet with CouponDekho.co.in. For above the waters you can consider the cruise along the famous Milford Sound. The option of kayaking is also available. Climbing over the Franz Josef Glacier can be quite an accomplishment (equipment provided by tour companies). The Adventurists with good cash can move all the way in the helicopter.

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