5 Simple SEO Strategies

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Before starting anything we need to have a plan and strategy so as to get positive and fruitful results. Here we are disclosing simple SEO strategies that we should follow these Simple strategies to keep your business presence in search engine results.

Competitive Analysis

This is good for us when we are going to launch our website, we should analyze the competitors website in order to find out the keywords which they are ranked on search engines, we can take up the idea from the competitor’s website, keep an eye on your very close competitor that can give you a constructive approach to stand in the market. But remember in your mind is not necessary that SEO strategy has worked for your competitors there is no guarantee that will work for you because there are so many variables, so try to be unique and different from others so as to get high rank in search engines.

Meta Tag Creation

Search engines are not able to understand our language, we need to provide additional information about HTML documents so as to search engines crawlers can crawl the information more accurately.

According to search engines, there are three important types of Meta tags.

Title tag:

A title tag plays a significant role to optimize your website on search engines, it is these words or phrase that appears in the title of your page in the hyper listing on the search engines results. We should use most appropriate and specific keywords or key phrase that describes your content of the page.

This is Meta Title and Description and for 5 Seo tips

Meta Description tag:

The meta description is a short and concise summary of your website, Meta description shows just below the title tag in the search engines. The words of Meta description should be attractive and inspirable that can persuade users to visit the website. Every page has different meta description according to the content of the page.

Meta Keywords tags:

Meta Keywords is not equally important as other above tags, but some search engines are still crawling the Meta Keywords. We should include some long tail keywords according to our content.

User Experiences

As far as search engines concern, everything should be user interactive on your website because our basic and primary aim to get more visitors on a website through search engines, but there are some factors we should keep in our mind, metrics like average time on site and bounce rates serve as engagement indicator, Mobile friendly, gauging the success of branding, user experience and ease of payment. Image-driven video-rich content and responsive design improve retention rates.

Link Building & PR

Link Building is an influential part of SEO strategy, this is the way to make your website popular, according to search engines the website that has more links that can gain more traffic and increase his visibility on search engine, but there keep in mind the links should be relevant based on your web content in order to avoid Google’s penalty, that can hurt your web traffic. The most common tools for building the links are Blog comments, Forum posts, Guestbook comments, Editable Wiki pages (e.g. Wikipedia) Yahoo! Answers, Guest post signatures.

Social Media

Social media is a channel that can boost your content in order to get attention from your target audience, as you know that SEO and social media has amity with each other whatever you produce you share at social media. There are many social media tools which can not easy to remember them. But keep in mind whenever you share your content at social your content should persuasive and eye-catching. Follow more blog on my post such as how to start a blog with WordPress.

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