A Step towards Sustainable Ecosystem by managing Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste

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Dumping an overused and obsolete Electronic Gadget such as laptop, kindle, mobile phones is termed as electronic waste or e-waste. A lot of people are unaware of hazards that e-waste does to the ecosystem and to humans. It is the exterior part of the gadget that makes us feel that dumping it anywhere does no harm to any creature or the earth but the sad truth is we are unaware of the latent chemicals such as cadium, lead that these gadgets are made of that cause great hazards that is as a creepy worm eating our beautiful world. To get more idea of e-waste management use this link ewasterecyclehub.com.

Sad Truth of Electronics

We with the increasing demand for electronic devices in the today’s modern era, we are increasing the fatal risk of damaging environment and human in the great scale. When we look in the bigger picture we understand the sad reality that the wrong dumping of e-waste effects air, water, soil causing pollution in a high level. It gets into our food chain and food web in whole and contaminates every being with the life risk. The resources, ecosystem, biosphere all gets contaminated and are no longer creates a safe world for living creatures in the earth.

Specifically, children our future generations are in great hamper as the chemicals and toxins that can get them prone to dangerous diseases like mental disability and others. Is this what we want to gift our children? No, Right. Thus we need make a step towards sustainable environment by managing the e-waste. Also the impact on the environment as a result of e-waste is something that can be quite gross.

Impure Air, Water and Soil

Air- The common man thinks that burning waste is an effective way to disposing of them. This is only true if the purpose is to extract different metals from it such as copper. Practically, after burning, the devices create pollutants in the atmosphere that are fatal in nature. If you are breathing in this polluted air around the area where the Electronic waste was burnt, there might be chances of getting cancer as they produce after they are burnt in open atmosphere.

Water- As mentioned earlier, there are toxic metals within the inside of the electronic gadgets. If improperly disposed of, there is a high chance that those might get dissolved in the water and contaminate the water in a great way. That will eventually flow to all water bodies such as from river or lake to sea and ocean. Thus, the water that is used for multiple purposes in the regular basis by living creatures should not be consumed owing to the high content of toxic impurities present in it.

Soil- The soil is the first to get contaminated by e-waste as before entering the water, the toxic elements in the waste are absorbed by soil. The soil is primarily a source of growing crops and an essential in agriculture. The crop that will grow on the soil will get continue to get contaminated concluding to become the diet of any human. The toxic elements slowly will enter through food  to the human stomach. Sickness  and diseases are bound to follow and the land is rendered completely useless as no further crops will sprout on it leaving it a wasteland in the end.

Measures to Safeguard from E-waste

It is essential to manage well the e-waste in a proper manner. This is to say that dumping away the waste products is certainly not a solution as it creates only loss to both nature and us. It is for this reason that it is advisable to get the waste recycled or give away by donating it or buy less as waste not, want not proverb aptly fits here.


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