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GRE Coaching

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GRE, the Graduate Record Examination is an excellent test to add as a feather to the cap if one is trying to learn at their dream university in the United States. Like all the other token ‘qualification exams’ GRE is a standardized test that assesses Analytical Writing, Mathematics and Verbal skills. The relevance of the scores in the GRE is big as many Universities in the United States often look for a good GRE ranking when shuffling thro9ugh their prospective applicants. The computerised test gives applicants no two question papers alike.

After knowing what one has about GRE, they are bound to wonder about the best gre coaching centres and the type of gre classes they might need to attend to raise their chances of clearing the tests with a good score. This guide will help clear some common doubts and provide an idea of what GRE really is and how to prepare for the same.

A good place to start would be the maximum points the test is attempted for and that is 340 at maximum. A good score is considered to be anywhere from 300-320+. This might sound daunting to many preparatory students, however with the right guidance, everyone stands a good chance of qualifying with a good score.

The Quantitative, Analytical Writing and Verbal assessments make up the GRE exam and the sections are awarded 20, 20, and 2 tasks respectively.  The Verbal and Analytical writing sections are allotted 30 minutes per task and section, and the quantitative reasoning is awarded 35 per section.

Depending on the academic background and previous knowledge, preparation for the exam might take anywhere from 45 days to 3 months. In order to determine this precisely, it is recommended to take a diagnostic test to detect the strong and weaker sections to focus on JEE Main 2019.

Once that is determined, one can move on to the method of preparation, curriculum and study materials. It helps to keep in mind that all of these vary as per personal preferences and learning speed. Some methods and curriculum work best for some students and therefore, it is important to ascertain which one meets optimum requirements.

The popular methods of preparation are through one-on-one private tutoring, online live classrooms and offline classroom training. The hours of training may range from 60 to over 90 hours depending on the method chosen.

Furthermore, there are several apps for smartphones that aide with GRE preparation on the Appstore. Practise papers are easily available to have a good idea of the structure of the test so attendees can be better prepared. Make sure that the materials used are reliable and trustworthy in order to progress effectively.

Overall, the above tips and tricks will help prospective applicant know what to look for when they begin GRE preparations. The most important advice one may give is to always try and work hard to reach success and with GRE, it is assured with the right guidance as well.


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