Benefits and Rules for Eating Apples

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We have been listening to this from childhood and it is also true to a great extent. Due to its best qualities, apple is also called magical fruit. Apple is a widely grown fruit grown in the world. Its tree height is around 15 meters. Apple is green in raw condition and sour in flavour, but when it gets cooked red pink becomes sweet and juicy for green aura.

According to Ayurveda, apples are antiperspirants, cold, gurus, nutritious, beneficial for heart, semen and cleansing of kidneys. It is a nutritious, rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. There is ample amount of phosphorus in it, besides iron, calcium, magnesium, protein, sugar and B group Vitamin are also in sufficient quantity. Being a sufficient source of fibre, it is known as fibrous fruit, which plays an important role in improving the digestion level. A form of carbohydrate pectin is also found in it.

The information related to the various health benefits of apple food are given below:

Benefits of eating apples

Eating apple contains the following benefits:

  • Keep the heart healthy: Cholesterol is in control by regular eating of apple. Being beneficial for the heart, it is also called as a companion of the heart. (Read More: Pregabalin)
  • The patient also receives the benefit of stones: Apples are very beneficial for patients with stones. These people should eat three to four apples fully cooked per day.
  • Removal of the brain’s weakness: This is an absolute remedy to remove the weakness of the brain. Eating an apple daily gives strength to the brain.
  • Eye weakness away: Those who have weak eyes, they should build fresh apples poultice on fresh apple on their eyes for a few days and should take fresh butter and a sweet apple in the meal every day. It helps in increasing the eyesight.
  • Relief in asthma: Flavonoids present in apples reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract and increase lung strength and immunity. Thereby helping the lungs breathe freely. One study found that regular intake of apples reduces the risk of asthma from about 30% to 35%.
  • Useful in fever: If the patient has thirst, irritation, fatigue and restlessness in the fever, then apple juice or fresh apple juice should be given. This will give the patient instant relief.
  • Get relief in the bark: If you are having trouble in the throat, bruising or swallowing, put fresh apple juice in the throat and keep it in the throat, it will give you amazing benefits.
  • Relieving gas from the stomach: If you have gas in the stomach, then keep 10 grams of cloves in a sweet apple. After 10 days remove cloves and eat 3 cloves and a sweet apple a day. During this time, do not let the patient eat rice or anything made from it, it will relieve the gas problem. (Read More: Personality Development in Hindi)
  • Get rid of stomach insects: To give relief to stomach insects, give two apples daily to the patient or a glass apple juice will get out of the stomach worms through the stool.
  • Freedom from constipation: If you have constipation, eat two apples in the empty stomach every morning, this will gradually get rid of constipation. Fire will also be removed and hunger will also be felt. Keep in mind that in the problem of constipation eat apple with peels.
  • Also beneficial in diabetes: Apple affects the digestion process and the absorption of carbohydrate. It not only controls the level of glucose in the blood, but also prevents diabetes. It also encourages the production of insulin.
  • Effective in chronic cough: Mixing sugar in 1 glass of ripe apple and drinking it regularly in the morning regularly cures chronic cough.

The way to eat apple and the right time

  1. Try to eat it with peel whenever apple eats. Fibres and vitamins are abundant in peels.
  2. Do not eat apples or any other fruit anytime with food or immediately afterwards. Because digestion of fruits and cereals is different. Apples eat half an hour before eating or after 2 hours.
  3. If you are complaining about constipation, make a habit of eating 1 apple every morning while breakfast. This will ease your bowel movements.
  4. Try not to eat apples in the night because the pectin present in the apple protects lentic acid from the intestine and increases the good bacteria, which facilitates bowel movements. But pectin does this by giving load on the intestine, which causes the gas to be filled up in the stomach. Many times it has to be defeated at night and even if you wake up in the morning, it does not feel fresh.
  5. If your digestion is right then you can eat apple at any time of the day.
  6. You can also make its juice by making it as long as it does not contain sugar.

So this is the taste and benefits of raspberry, flavoured apple. In this way, Apple is not only a fruit, but a treasure that keeps the diseases away and nourishes the body. Hope you will take full advantage of the apple by reading this article.


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