Creating Picture Book Illustrations – How Illustrators Do It Right

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Picture books are one of the best companions of a small child. They have the power to take the reader to a different world altogether. One of the most important reasons why you should encourage your child to read picture books is because besides being an amazing pastime, they help kids develop the habit of reading. But is it that easy to make children read? Well, no! Children’s attention span is too short. As a result, they can’t engage in activities that require them to concentrate and pay attention for a longer time. So, reading certainly doesn’t come to them naturally. And that is why it is important that they are given picture books with amazing illustrations to read. If you are an illustrator, then you probably know what makes¬†picture book illustrations¬†good or bad. But for those who don’t have much knowledge in this regard, here is some helpful information to dope on-

  • The first and most important quality of a good picture book is attractiveness. Since the text has almost no role to play with regard to visual appeal, the responsibility falls on illustrations, and in turn, on the illustrator. And that is why a picture book illustrator does everything in their capacity to create amazing illustrations. Simplicity is one of the most important qualities. Illustrators make sure that the illustrations they create are not too complex. Small children want their picture books to convey a lot, but they also don’t want things to be complicated. So, the challenge for an illustrator is to draw illustrations that speak a thousand words without having a thousand elements, objects or characters in them.
  • Expressions of the characters are to be taken too seriously in this regard. Remember, a child reader is able to connect to their book only through the emotions portrayed by the characters of the story present in the illustrations. Also, since there is not a lot of text in a picture book, the illustrations need to do all the talking. One of the most important components of a human figure that portrays emotions are eyes. That is why illustrators pay for most attention to eyes than routine artists do, especially when they are working on a picture book.
  • Children like to see a lot of illustrations in their picture book. So, illustrators try to create drawings for different segments of the story. In fact, they produce illustrations for even little things happening in the story. And that is how things should be. More the number of illustrations in a picture book, the better it is. Kids like it that way- beautiful stories packed with numerous illustrations is what most small kids expect from their picture books.

A picture book is just the right gift a child can receive. But remember, children are not going to like any random picture book; they are going to love the one with the best illustrations. So, now you know how carefully illustrators create Picture book illustration styles. They just put their heart and soul into it. Hence, if you are a picture book writer, then hire a passionate illustrator who will simply breathe soul into your words.

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