Guide for the installation of Inverter at home

Inverter battery trolley

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In the absence of live power, one can continue the task with the help of an inverter or generator. Inverter plays one of the irreplaceable parts of our lives. We are badly acquainted with all the electronic devices. Thus the supply of electricity is always necessary these days. The inverter comes to help when there are power cuts. If you are planning to get one for your home, then you must know how it can be installed. The process is quite easy, but there are few things to be taken care of.

Here is the DIY of installation of the inverters in homes which can prove useful to you at times. Apart from that, it is always wise to make the purchase of the inverter trolley for good maintenance of the device. Inverter trolley online shopping can get you the quality trolleys at a very affordable price. Following are the steps of installing the inverter sequentially enlisted below:


  • Choose the location where the inverter is required to be installed:


Select a location where the inverter can be placed without any disturbance. The place should not have any flammable substance nearby, must not be exposed to water or moisture, must be away from sunlight and must have abundant of space.

  • Mount the inverter:

The inverted has to be mounted either on a vertical surface or a horizontal surface. Make sure that the wheels of the inverter are locked so that the movement of the battery can be curbed while the installation of the battery.

  • Install the battery:

If you need the battery installation, then you can remove the screws and then put the real panel aside. Place the first battery in such a way so that the positive end of the battery is on the right side. And the second battery must be installed with the positive end on the left side. After that lift the battery and slip it through the main chassis.

  • Check the connectivity of the cable of the battery:

After this step on has to check well with the connectivity of the battery cables. You have to make sure that the resistance is low. This can help you to get the maximum amount of energy load for all the electrical devices and appliances connected with the inverter.

  • Install the inverter:


Install the inverter by placing it on the top of the chassis of the main housing. Connect one end to the double pole switch circuit and the other end to the electrical cable with the IEC provided. Your inverter can be placed safely in the inverter trolleys, and you can buy inverter trolley at an affordable price online.

By following these instructions, one can install the inverter in homes with ease without seeking the help of the inverter installers who are professionally sound at it. Now Tech Life that the process of installation of the inverter is all known to you, you can get one and install it on your own.

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