Guide to Pick the Right Winter Jacket

With so many options available in the market it is quite natural for you to get completely bamboozled and pick up winter garments that do nothing good for your body. It might sound almost like a fairy-tale if I told you that you can look quite shapely even during the bone chilling winter while staying toasty. So, we are here to help you find the coats and jackets that will flatter your body type completely.

  • For the Top Heavy stunners

If you are blessed with a heavier chest then you need to find styles of jackets that balance out your figure perfectly and do not call more attention to your bust area. We suggest you a style of jacket which does not have a belt around it. While a belt is great for cinching your waist, it will also make your bust are stand out even more. Go for a well-structured and fitted jacket which hits you below your hips. The structured style of the jacket will give you a shapely streamlined silhouette while the longer length will draw the eyes downward away from your chest. Try to avoid lapels or embroidery and embellishments around the chest area of the jacket. You can pair your jackets straight cut jeans to have a very balanced outfit.

  • For the babes with some junk in the trunk

If the peach emoji defines you best on the emoji keyboard then fit and flare styles are meant for your divine figure. If you do not want to bring attention to your wider hips and want to even out your proportions, then a fit and flare snow jacket womens is a great investment for you. Try to go for a jacket which is on the longer side and goes past your hips so you can avoid bringing the gaze to that area. Lapels, exaggerated collars, fur collars and details on your neckline are a great way to draw the eyes upwards and away from your heavy bottom half. When it comes to pairing your jackets, you can go for boot cut jeans that balance out your curves as well as strait cut trousers in darker hues to make your legs and thigh look slimmer. Pairing heels with such outfits will make you party ready instantly.

  • For the blessed hourglass

If you are lucky enough to have the much coveted hourglass figure with a well-defined waistline and proportioned hips and shoulder then you can rock almost any style of jackets. But do not make the mistake of over layering and ending up looking like a snowman. Go for sleek designs with a belt at the waist to not only cinch your waist but also bring attention to the slimmest part of your body. When it comes to bottoms, you can go for well fitted skinny jeans to show off your shapely legs. Woollen overcoats in darker hues are super stylish looks great on you. You can get your hands on black overcoat mens as well as women’s online to grace your winter wardrobe.

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