How to Choose the Best Medical Colleges in Punjab?

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For students who wish to make a career in Medical science, choosing the right college is extremely important for shaping their careers in the right direction. However, the choice of college depends on certain factors, such as:

  • Whether your rank in the entrance exam qualifies you for the specific college.
  • Comfortability in studying far from your hometown/city.
  • Comfortability with the location of the college if it’s far away.

When you start looking for a college, begin with some research before you fill the application forms. Also, you need to make sure that you can afford the cost because most of the government colleges don’t charge you much, but private colleges can charge you a significant amount of fee. 

  • Ranking of the College

The opinion about the ranks can vary from one organization to another and one site to another. However, the medical colleges are ranked based on three things i.e., the age of the college, the inflow of patients, and a variety of cases along with the number of seats available for the MBBS course.  Here are top medical college in Punjab

  • Equipment Availability

This is an important factor to consider as the medical college must have adequate equipment such as instruments, labs, etc. If you come across two colleges that have almost the same rank, the availability of equipment should be the determining factor.

  • Inflow of Patients

The number of patients coming to a hospital is directly proportional to the types of cases you will get to witness. A college that has more patients coming in has an advantage over their counterparts. This is because medical students will get more practical experience, which is crucial for them, along with theoretical lessons. 

  • Faculty Members

This is a crucial factor when choosing a college; however, the fact is that most colleges have good and experienced faculty. The professors have knowledge and years of experience. In fact, in some cases, the same professor may come as a visiting lecturer in various colleges. A particular group of teachers doesn’t remain confined to a specific college. It has been observed that private colleges offer more attention to students as the fees charged are also higher. 

  • Location

The location of the college is also important. If you are ready to move to a different city, it can be done as per your convenience and availability of accommodation or hostel. If the college is in the same city, but far away, you need to check about the conveyance facility. 

Apart from the factors mentioned above, it is the rank that you score which matters, and based on that, you may or may not have more choices. One must choose the colleges wisely as it is a matter of your career. Keeping the points mentioned earlier in mind will help in selecting the right medical college. 

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