Key facts to consider while buying a hoverboard

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Hoverboard? Have you heard about it? The hoverboard is one of the best personal transportation that is widely used by kids and adults nowadays. It is an electric, two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter, which has the battery and two footpads. Honestly speaking, I am a great lover of this two-wheeled self-balancing scooter because of its fantastic features and sizzling ride. Moreover, I can control it easily, move it forward and reverse without the steering handle. You can use it anywhere at home and outside also.

Unfortunately, I am always worried about the performance and the quality of a hoverboard. Every hoverboard has different features from the other hoverboards available in the market. How a newbie can choose the best hoverboard for himself? I personally reviewed more than 50 self-balancing scooters and before every review, I was confused about its durability, safety, and performance

For this, I have to do a long and in detail analysis of every hoverboard before making a final decision. And now after trying a number of hoverboards I have made a checklist. This checklist defines the factors that I considered before buying a hoverboard. Let’s jump right into those factors that will assist you in buying a hoverboard.


To buy the best quality hoverboard, read out the below-stated factors carefully. The things you have to consider are;

Size of hoverboard

There are different sizes hoverboards available in the market, such as 10-inches, 8 inches, 6.5 inches, and 6 inches.

The 10-inch hoverboard is more impressive and better than other sizes of hoverboard because of its tires. Its tires are made up of rubber which allows you to move on the roads, grass, and gravel. I will suggest you purchase 10-inches hoverboard because it is useful and easy to drive for beginners. There is handlebar in 10-inch hoverboard, it gives you comfort to control over it during riding.

8-inch hoverboard size is normal. It is neither small nor too big. With 8-inch hoverboard, you can ride on roads of all types. The 6.5-inches hoverboard is most likely to buy among its riders due to its low cost and mobility.


Another factor to consider is the timing battery of hoverboard that you are buying. Because you travel long area so a battery charging helps you to go far. Make sure that the hoverboard uses a battery from a top manufacturer and has good charging time.


Safety is the most essential thing to consider while buying a hoverboard. Most people are worried that this two-wheeled self-balancing scooter is safe for their kids or not. If you are also worried about the safety feature of hoverboard, then buy a hoverboard that is UL safety certified. Moreover, choose a hoverboard that has been tested and verified so that you never might commit in any injury.

Warranty of hoverboard:

Warranty of the hoverboard is another factor to consider while buying a superior quality hoverboard. Some top hoverboard manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on a few parts while some offer 9 months warranty.

Thus, consider this factor before choosing the best quality hoverboard.

Quality of hoverboard:

Every time you buy a gadget from the market, you try to buy high-quality gadgets. Make sure that the hoverboard is of supreme quality and offers the best ride. Chose the best and top brand that is reliable and its tires, frame, battery timing, wheels, internal machines and LED lights are good in quality.


Speakers in hoverboard entertain you during riding. You can listen to music and pass your time riding with music.  The speakers of hoverboard have the high quality that gives you good sound. Although it is not the core factor to consider while buying hoverboard. But if you want to have a thrilling ride with your favorite music then consider this factor also.

LED Lights

You are riding in darkness, you have not to need to keep a flashlight with you because there is LED light in your hoverboard, which tells you that when you can ride and which places suitable to ride with your hoverboard. So, if you are looking for a luxurious hoverboard then consider this factor while making a purchase.

In short, consider the above few factors before grabbing the hoverboard and enjoy the ride on the best quality hoverboard.


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