Know about the Chemotherapy Cost in India

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Introduction to Chemotherapy

It is one of the most prevalent and commonly used term in cancer treatment. It basically involves the incorporation of the drugs in order to prevent the cancerous cells from growing. Normally, the cancerous cells when they start growing, they start spreading throughout the body and at the end, they divide and stay permanently on one particular organ of the body. Further, the cancerous cells, while spreading throughout the body, start weakening the immune system of the body and killing it gradually and slowly from within. Chemotherapy plays an imperative role in preventing it from spreading and killing the other cells from within. Variety of drugs is used in order to stop the cancerous cells from spreading all over the body.

What to be expected from Chemotherapy

It is a long going process which plays a crucial role in the treatment of cancer. It plays one of the most important roles in eradicating cancer from the body. But like every story has got two sides. Similarly, chemotherapy has its own adverse effects. While performing chemotherapy just to eliminate the cancerous cells, sometimes the healthy cells are also targeted and this weakens the immune system of the body. This can have a devastating effect on the patients who undergo this treatment. Thus, it is strictly advisable to all those who are thinking of starting with a chemotherapy to know the cons of the treatment before proceeding with it.

Duration of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a long-lasting process. It does not get over with only one therapy. There are series of therapy that is incorporated in order to eradicate cancer in its entirety. When a cancer patient approaches the doctor, he lays down a well structured plan as to how many courses are required for eradicating the cancer and if the oncologist suggests that the patient requires more than one course of chemotherapy then the patient would be having a resting period within the two courses in order to have a recovery time. Treatment might even repeat for a certain number of times. Further, a psychologist is made available in order to help the patient cope up with the courses of the chemotherapy.

Further, blood tests are conducted within the test of the chemotherapy in order to check that the patient is not experiencing any deficit in any other part of the organ of the body. Chemotherapy normally weakens other parts of the body. Thus, the blood test is conducted in order to assure that the therapy is not affecting any other organs of the body.

That is the reason why regular blood tests are conducted in order to make sure that the functioning of the liver is done in a proper manner.

Side effects of the Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy provides certain side effects and they are as following

· One might experience severe nausea tic tendency and that it might lead to vomiting

· Due to chemotherapy there’s a lot of hair loss

· Patients who undergo this treatment might even experience fatigue. They might not have energy to do certain small things. They are victimized by fatigue.

· Patients might even experience a hearing impairment due to the procedure of the chemotherapy

· There might be a lot of bleeding problems due to the chemotherapy. Thus, it is strictly advised not to use any sharp objects while you are being treated or undergoing this therapy

· One might not even want to eat and there is a loss of appetite in the patient due to Chemotherapy

Expenditure of Chemotherapy in India

Chemotherapy cost in India is somewhat around 650-1100 USD per course. Each course might not last more than an hour or two. The treatment isn’t that hard or the patient doesn’t have to undergo any pain while getting the therapy. Further, there are series of other tests that is to be followed in the after math of one course of the Chemotherapy. The treatment of Chemotherapy in India is comparatively less costly than that of the therapy in Westren countries.

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