Measures to Take to Prevent a Teenager from Getting in Trouble


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Our criminal lawyers toronto have faced many different problems that teenagers are dealing with every day. Here is a list of some of them:


Sometimes crimes against children are carried out by relatives and acquaintances, but the most common danger for them is represented by strangers. Explain to your children that dangerous strangers may be women or men, young or old, may look good and kind. It is best to be careful and cautious with all strangers.

– Encourage the child never to open to strangers. Tell them that if they do not know a certain person, they should not open the door, but stay inside the home.

-Warn him/ her not to stop if strangers try to talk to him, even if they look good and kind. A well-meaning stranger would not have spoken to a child who walks alone on the street unless he is upset or frightened.

-Do not accept any treats from strangers. Do not accept suggestions for a treat, keeping a pastry shop, skating or driving home with a luxury car.

– Not to get in a stranger’s car, even if it is a dream car, even if the stranger offers him/ her only to take him/ her home or ask for help – to show them the way.

– Teach the child to say firmly “No, I do not want to.”

– Call for help when it comes to trouble. Call for help when he/ she sees another child is in trouble.

Encourage to Share

Talk to your child; listen with interest to all his “frivolous” problems and joys. At this age, he/ she must feel loved. At this age, you can create a trusted contact with him/ her that will be very important to you and him/ her during adolescence.

– Teach the child that there should be no secrets from you, especially when it comes to their physical integrity.

– Trust them. When children turn to an adult for help, they need to be sure that they will believe and support them. Although initially our first reaction was to say, “I warned you,” this will hardly help the children deal with the problem, and the urge may stop him/ her from seeking help in other cases.

– Most importantly, support the child’s self-esteem. Encourage your child’s positive interests – Better 30 dollars for Internet or sports team than 30 dollars for drugs.

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