What makes Python so dear to data scientists?


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There is a joke popular among the programmers that Python is the second best programming language for any job. The language works for everything from data mining to application development. It is an absolute all-rounder and works brilliantly for data analysts and data scientists as well.

The dynamic world of data scientists

It is said that “data scientists live in the intersection of coding, mathematics, and business…” Quite naturally the skill set required to become and succeed as a data scientist is multifaceted. You need definitive mathematical or statistical knowledge coupled with programming skills and business acumen. It sounds hard and it is hard. But the results you get is worth the effort.

You name an industry and its exponents are trying to stay ahead in the competition with the help of data science. Data scientists are the game changers in e-commerce, healthcare, entertainment, retail, and manufacturing industries. Marketing and customer service industry has also transformed due to a data-driven approach.

All this is because every decision is taken depending on data-driven insights. And the data scientists lead the charge on the unstructured, untidy, clumsy data to make them yield actionable insights.

Python makes things a bit easier

. The main reason behind Python’s popularity is the ease it offers when it comes to handling data. Python has a number of libraries which are tailor-made to support the needs of a data science professional. Libraries like Matplotlib, Pandas, and Numpy are specially designed for quantitative computation. Code written in Python is 3-4 times lesser than the coding in other traditional languages like Java, .net, and Perl.

  • Because of its efficiency in creating predictive models or writing machine learning algorithms.   
  • Python is easy to learn and code.
  • The Python community is always ready with solutions to problems that you are yet to have.
  • It is an all-purpose language; using Python means you do not need any other language.

Python in India

India is one of the largest markets in the world and there is not a single industry that does not target the Indian consumer base. India has a large pool of technical talent. It is quite obvious that data science and consequently Python would have great importance in India. The demand for skilled professionals who use Python for data science is on the rise in Bangalore, which of course is the tech-hub of India. Python training in Bangalore can give you a break in the industry as a  data science professional.

The best in the business are using Python; Facebook, Youtube, Google, are just a few examples. That is just one reason why you should learn Python. Most importantly it is a fun language to use, why not try for yourself.


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